A Guide to Making a Wikipedia Page

A Guide to Making a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia, the website we all know, the website that is listed in one of the most visited websites in the world. To be exact it is the fifth most visited website in the world currently with around 50 million people regularly visiting the website. The website has rich content about the world and this is what people have the basic idea for getting to the website. This website shares information about the world to the world. It was created in the early 2000s as an in-house online encyclopedia but soon after its launch, it was realized that covering such a wide array of information could not be covered within the in-house operations and that was when Wikipedia was made open for creating pages by anyone. It had multiple requirements and guidelines but at the very least it was open for everyone and that was what made people more interested in Wikipedia. Here we have a guide prepared for you about how to make a Wikipedia page.

  • Pick a Subject or Theme

The first thing that you need to do is pick a subject or a theme. Wikipedia allows everything including an individual, business, brand or event to be posted on its platform if it meets all the requirements and the guidelines that are there. One important thing that is needed to be realized here is that it should not be controversial and moreover, it should not impact the identity, religion or political views of anyone. Such content will not be approved by Wikipedia.

  • Research About It

Researching is an important part of creating a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia content is all about information and facts backed with the proper references and that surely cannot be done without some amazing research. Research the facts that are proper and postable. The fact that has no contradictions and problems with their context. This then could be used to develop the content in the form of Wikipedia content.

  • Create a Wikipedia Account

Wikipedia page can only be created once you have a Wikipedia account. Creating a Wikipedia account could be created easily. It requires some details and information about the person who is creating a page and that can make you have it. One thing that is suggested by professionals is that in order to avoid any of the misconceptions and anything that can cause trouble you should always provide the right and accurate information.

  • Develop Content in Wikipedia Format

Wikipedia is not just a content platform that accepts everything. It requires content to be strictly formal and written in the context of sharing information. It should be precise, formal and non-promotional. If you try to post the information in the non-formal and opinion type of content it might not be approved. This is one of the requirements that are important for all Wikipedia page creators. This could also be reflected in the writing skills of the page creator.

  • Contribute To Different Pages

To make Wikipedia accountable to create a page or post an article you need to become a contributor to this website. It will give Wikipedia the idea about your interest in the platform. The contribution could be either minor or major anything. You can make changes to other pages in small editing or even in changing the content of the page in a huge amount. This will make your account to have the benefit of getting into better approval chances.

  • Submit Your Content To The Platform For Approval

This is the last step to getting a Wikipedia page. Here you submit the content to Wikipedia and then you wait for approval from the platform. If you have all the things right and have the requirements and guidelines in the content then it will be approved. In other cases, it might get rejected.

This is the guide to creating a Wikipedia page. However, if you are struggling at it you can refer to professional services as they have an exact idea of how to make it happen.

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