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Is an anti-virus enough for the system protection? This curious question is being asked several times by the laymen. And most of us who are using these highly technical electronic devices for the work productivity, become more conscious and eager to know that if only an antivirus in the machine would be enough to protect our personal computer from the harm of viruses and marketed. There are different kinds of viruses and commands which are designed by the technical freaks to harm or damage operating systems of the people in the world .

 We often look for an antivirus software for our system and once we get it and install it in our machines we feel protected. Most of all never try to observe the performance level and variable behavior of the system. And even we are not much bothered about if our online system usage is virus protected or not. Though, it was the trend in past that an antivirus was capable of providing total system and online protection for the system. But now there is a separate need for protection from viruses for every working module on the computer system.

What is a Virus?

Virus is a specific type of coding statement which is designed under invited commas and with a specific command mentioning some sort of harm to the particular section of the system. In other words these are the set of commands used for damage to the windows. There are different types of viruses which affect system differently.

  • Virus
  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Internet Virus

Windows Vs. Mac OS Viruses:

It is being observed by the technical departments and individuals that maximum amount of viruses have it’s direct effect on the computer systems using windows operating system. MacBook operating system is bit different and so is difficult to be penetrated by the viruses. The mechanism of this operating system is so secure that no alienhacker can dig the walls of it’s mechanism.

Though, there had been a case where one MacBook user had installed a particular antivirus with the name “Sophos”. And it detected a virus in the documents folder. But even the professionals suggest to the OS and iOS users that these are the most secured operating systems. iOS is used in the iPhone and iPad devices of Apple brand.

In comparison to Apple OS, windows operating systems are the eŔasy targets for the virus makers. Windows is a mass operated operating system. And that is why it is more beneficial to be targeted.

Story Telling of Virus Affected Events:

In a recent incident one virus with the name WANNA CRYwas executed. The virus had specificcommand to have it’s effect in the month of MAY and only on those machines which are using windows 7 or windows vista. But as a prevention company had already introduced the latest versionandupdates in the month of March and it had all the fixes for the problems forthe windows 7, windows vista etc. But those machine which were not having updated windows those were effected by the effect of virus .

There was another virus attack on the systems recently with the name PETYA/NOT PETYA. This virus also targeted the windows operating computers. Even Google company declared that most of the viruses are designed to disturb or to destroy the functioning of windows machines.

Keep System Up To Date:

In terms of keeping your machine virus free you must keep your system up-to date. Always update your operating system and all the software applications. As the older your system is the more chances you will encounter to get your system virus affected. Sometimes older versions have missing files issues and in the absence of required files viruses or malwares can easily hit your system.

Maintain The Health of Firewall:

Firewall is an inbuilt protection mechanism which helps blocking the infected files to enter into the system. It works as a solid protective wall within the windows operating system and plays it’s role comprehensively. Because it works continuously, so it gets out dated as some of the files get out of order after a while. So, to keep it in a good health and work perfectly you need to update it in the periodic intervals.

Multi Layer Security Systems:

Security systems are very important part of operating system’s overall performance. Single layer security system can only protect the machine from average viruses. And it is very easy to penetrate this security system. But if you have installed multi layer protection in your system then it will be really tough for the hacker to destroy the system wall. Google and Microsoft are among those huge organization which are having most talent and powerful back-end team for the multi layer security system. These giants use the most trusted and secure protection module for the windows and online search engines. Multi level mechanism is complex in nature and yet difficult to crack. And it is protected with the different admin rights at every level to make it more secure in nature.

Famous Antivirus Softwares in the World:

There are thousands of virus protection softwares available on different sources. These antiviruses are made available online and offline both. There are authorized application stores available and some open sources are also there. These different antiviruses are used for protection from different types of viruses. Some of the most famous and successful software names are:

  • Avast Antivirus
  • McAfee Antivirus
  • Microsoft Antivirus
  • AVG Antivirus
  • ESET Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Symantec Antivirus
  • Panda Antivirus
  • Trend Micro Antivirus

All these antivirus softwares are market leaders and all of them have their own market capture. As per the last market research Avast has major market capture and is targeting 17.4% of total market. Whereas,  Microsoft has it’s market share as 13.2%. All the other antiviruses have their market capture percentages. Apart from these antiviruses, the other antivirus softwares available in the market are having only 11.1 % market capture.

Therefore,  after studying the pros and cons of virus and it’s impact on the systems we can conclude that only one kind of antivirus is not enough to protect the systems and especially windows operating machines. Mac OS is still safe as the system pattern of this operating system is hidden. And so it is much more protected. Apart from all the above mentioned tips you can always take your system to the professional technician for a regular check up. And regular periodic updates should be performed to keep the system up-to date. 

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