Did you know about this? Half of the Delhi/NCR doesn’t!

Did you know about this? Half of the Delhi/NCR doesn’t!

Did you know about this? Half of the Delhi/NCR doesn’t!

Are you living in Delhi/NCR?

Have you ever checked the air quality index in your area?

Do you know how polluted is the air you are breathing?

If not, then the time has come to be surprised by the blasting data fact of poor quality air in Delhi/NCR region. PM 2.5 and PM 10 are considered one of the most dangerous air pollutants in the air. The normal range of PM 2.5 and PM 10 is marked between1-50. But, their level has already been reached to the serious mark of 400.

Now, you can understand how bad the situation is.

The situation seems normal to most of the people as they don’t care and let it go easily. But, technically your lungs are automatically inhaling the smoke equivalent to the smoke of more than 50 cigarettes in a day.


And Diwali is coming. The situation is going to be worse. The air pollution level will cross the mark of 500 easily. “What to do and where to go?” - is a question arises in everyone’s mind in this dangerous situation.

Let’s give you relief with a revolutionary innovation called – Nasofilters, a nasal filter, which is more practical in comparison to the regular air-pollution mask. Let’s understand how:

Filters air without giving suffocation

Wearing nasal filers don’t make you feel suffocated or choked when you breathe air. Its perfect anatomy ensures purest of the air going to your lungs. Even you can walk or ride a bicycle without feeling suffocation while breathing through Nasofilters.

Protects up to 12 hours

When normal air pollution masks get chocked after the use of 8-10 hours, nasal filters stay with you up to 12 hours easily.

Almost invisible

Using regular anti-pollution mask is a challenge due to its big and awkward size. But, nasal filters from Nasofilters look almost invisible to the person sitting in front of you. Even eating and talking are also easy with the use of nasal filters as you do not need to remove them like normal pollution masks every time.

Easy to use

Nasofilters takes less than half of a minute to stick around your nasals. Peel them off from the pack, hold it with your index fingers and thumbs of your both hands, paste it under your nose, and peel the white paper off. Now you are ready to breathe filtered air.

Costs less than the price of a cigarette

You need to think about skipping just a single cigarette in a day and purchasing a nasal filter with the price of that skipped cigarette. Yes, you can do it now and give yourself and your family air pollution free life during the most polluted months of October-January.

100 % air filtration

The term - cent per cent filtration means the nasal masks made by Nasofilters leave no gap while breathing air into the lungs. It easily sticks around your nasals and filters up to 95 per cent of PM 2.5 pollutants.

Lasts up to 12 hours

Once it is applied, you can spend up to 12 continuous hassle-free hours in a day. That means you can travel to your office without thinking about the pollution you are meeting on the way. If you are a biker, you must use it because you have a higher probability of contacting those pollution particles.

Even, the people who used to work in open, walking in the streets, and jogging in the park have more chances to inhale these pollutants into their lungs. But, they can simply avoid it and beat it using Nasofilters.

Ensures no restrictions

There is a problem with the regular mask, which we use to avoid pollution, restricts us from eating and talking. You need to remove it whenever you think of eating, drinking, and talking. But, on the other hand, Nasal mask comes with zero restrictions. You do not need to remove Nasofilters when you are doing oral activities.

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