Ways to get a high profile job

Ways to get a high profile job

Making a career and finding the right job is not a problem anymore with a range of best consultancy in Delhi, if you know you are the best candidate for a high profile job. Despite all your preparation still, you are not getting that crucial interview call.

This is a signal that your resume desperately needs attention. Hiring managers are ignoring it because your bio data lacks something more. The best consultancy in Delhi helps you know about the requirements, necessary qualifications and other such criteria for the particular job opening. They also assist in career-problems and provide counseling. For all kinds of manpower requirements, the consultants are a one-stop-shop.

From jobseekers to employers, all are benefited from the Delhi placement consultants. Read these tips to figure these lacunae out and increase your chances of cracking a dream job.

  • Write a compelling resume headline

It is important that your resume headline needs to be interesting, and has to reflect your experience and skills to catch the attention of a recruiter. The most precise it is- the more chances of it getting noticed by recruiters.

  • Update your Profile regularly

One can make sure that update their profile at least once in 6 months. 6 months is a long time and most people add new skills, take up new responsibilities, or completely new projects in that much time – and that information should reflect in your resume. Moreover, your total years of experience in 6 months and needs to be updated. And as we know every week lakhs of job seekers update their job profile with their recent professional accomplishments – so if your resume is outdated, you may be losing out on those new job opportunities.

  • Figure out what you want

It’s really hard to find a great next job if you don’t know what is the definition of a great job. So before you get too far into the job hunt, make sure to take a step back and really think about properly what you’re looking for and actually what do you want?

“Write up a list of what you ideally want in a job: title, money, promotion, the work, the company culture, geographic location, etc., etc. so you have a template to go for.

  • Fill in relevant fields in your profile

Recruiters search candidates based on certain specific parameters including functional area, education details, current salary, keywords, skills, designation, company name etc. There are also multiple ways in which your resume can show up in front of a recruiter and it can help also to search a high profile job. So the more information you enter in your profile the more the chances are for your resume to show up but the information must be relevant. Make sure your profile strength bar displayed in the My Naukri Home page is as close to 100%, as possible.

  • Verify your contact details

Recruiters hesitate to contact candidates with unverified contact details. When employers see that your mobile number and e-mail id are verified, he/she is more likely to contact you for new job opportunities.

  • Tap your Network

Networking is unquestionably one of the most effective ways to land a new job quickly. Talking the correct person at the right moment will assist you to go from laid-off to a functioning employee within a day. It conjointly helps you to induce an honest plan of what's out there and out there, thus you'll focus your search in an exceedingly strategic method.

  • Keep fit in mind

While taking a short-term or temp gig may require some compromise, you should be straightforward when it comes to accepting a full-time position. Don’t get restless and jump ship before you know that the place you’re going is better than where you are in the present. So make it clear everything as per your expectation before confirming the job.

  • Don’t sound Desperate

You might desperate to find a new job, but it should come to your face that you are desperate for that particular job. So if they do sense desperation, you might risk getting lowballed on salary or even hurt your chances of getting an opportunity to work in your dream company.

Desperation is a red flag to employers; they wonder what the rush is. Why were you unhappy at the previous job? Maybe you’re difficult; hard to work with, never satisfied. Desperation is never attractive but doesn’t show it up in your attitude.

“Do not look, act, talk, walk like you are desperate”. Instead, “stay confident, calm, and ramp up the effort even more.”

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