Go Boho from Head to Toe With Boho Chic Tops, Bottoms, and Shoes

Go Boho from Head to Toe With Boho Chic Tops, Bottoms, and Shoes

Boho chic has been growing and changed for years and is probably the most flexible of styles out there. Anything can be boho chic from long dresses and high boots to mini skirts and knee-length cardigans. You can put the spirit of modern boho into just about anything. That’s probably why it’s such a popular look. From gypsies to hippies to Coachella fans, boho chic is worn all over, in just about every way you can think of. It’s easy to jump in and make your own boho look, too! All you need are a few boho chic tops from Boho Pink and a keen eye for mixing and matching.

Boho chic means loose, flowing fabrics, bold patterns, layered styles, and an effortless elegance that’s as beautiful as it comfortable. It’s a relaxed style, which means relaxed rules and plenty of room for customization. So when you go to start your own boho wardrobe, you’re probably going to find you already have a good few focal pieces in your old wardrobe to start with. Go through your closet, pull out anything that’s flowy, crocheted, or easy to layer, and set those aside for your new boho-chic look. Then head on over to Boho Pink and start browsing for the perfect boho chic tops to tie it all together.

There are hundreds of different ways to craft your own boho chic look. At Boho Pink you’ll find an extensive collection of boho chic tops in all shapes and sizes, giving you the freedom to really make it your own. Sultry deep v necklines and elegant halter tops build up the base for a mature bohemian style, while flirty and carefree off the shoulder tops and flouncy ruffle tops bring youthful energy and fun vibes to your look. Ask yourself what kind of style you have; are you the playful type with a love of adventure, or a more sophisticated girl who likes to have things under control at all times? Let your style reflect the person you are, or the person you want to be. Clothes and fashion are one of the greatest ways to express yourself, and clothes to suit your personality best will be your favorites to wear!

Once you have an idea for your style, take a look at those pieces you set aside from your old closet and see what you have, and what you need. A complete boho wardrobe has five essentials: something with a loose and flowing silhouette, something crocheted with wide open spaces, something lacey and airy, something natural like leather or hemp, and with a large, bold pattern. You’ll find all of these staples at Boho Pink, so don’t worry if you can’t find anything that fits in the wardrobe you already have. Just take stock of what you’re already working with so you can focus your hunt for the perfect bohemian style to best suit you.

Once you’ve built up your closet, don’t forget to accessorize! The best shoes to go with the boho chic look are thick heels and strappy sandals – both featured in Boho Pink’s online store!

What happens when bohemian and contemporary trends collide? Cali-cool invades your mind and Bohopink happens!  Since 2012 we have been successful at bringing you much-in-trend, laid-back free-flowing, feminine floral prints, and even a peek of shoulder.  Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect trendy styles for you. Eye-catching lace, modern cutouts, embellishments that pop, fluttery silhouettes, and much more. The looks you crave for the laid back theme, beach and street style looks you want to live in. Look good and have fun doing it, comfortable clothes to live in! Vibrant designs with intricate chic fashion inspired by retro-cool looks. Everything you need to add the perfect piece to put together your ensemble. You'll find what you're looking for, all the cool brands you want, you won't leave empty handed!

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