How to get more cooling through window fans

How to get more cooling through window fans

In summer, it is not easy to cope with the weather. In such a situation, it is not easy to keep the AC running all day. Because running the AC all day consumes a lot of electricity.

So how to survive in this terrible heat!

What other options can you have? You want cool air so that this heat can be avoided. So you can consider buying a window fan. But can this solve your problem? Absolutely! If you use it correctly.

Do not get it. Right! Don't worry. Let us explain that the full use of something can be taken advantage of only when we know the right way to use it.

Therefore, we are telling you some best ways, with the help of which you can get both better air and relief in this heat from a window fan.

Choosing window fan

When you go to your home to try windows fan, there are always a few things to keep in mind. Always choose a flat-side window fan for your home, which throws air in one direction. It has many advantages, such as - It prevents hot air from outside. If we take a fan that rotates in all directions, then it will spread the air around and due to this, the coolness will get less.

Size selection

Whenever you go to buy a fan, always buy the fan keeping in mind the measurement of your window. A larger size fan gives more air than a smaller one. Therefore, do not take a small size or big size fan from the window. If you take a large size fan, then you will throw the air out of the window frame. If you take a small fan, more than half of the air will remain outside instead of coming into the room. So buy a fan whose width takes at least 2/3 of the window.

Number of fans

It is a good thing if you have more than one window in your house. Instead of placing big fans in one room, you put the 2 fans in both windows, this will give you more air. When two fans move together, face to face air will cool the room rapidly and throw hot air out quickly. When air comes from both sides, it creates positive pressure inside the house. The advantage of this is that when we open the door, dust and insects cannot enter.


When you think about where to place the fan - always keep in mind that it is not in a noisy place. Apart from this, do not keep the fan at a place where there is any bad smell, otherwise, it can spread in the whole house. Never place the fan anywhere other than the window, otherwise, you will feel stickiness all over the body.

Cover the gap on both sides

If your window is larger than your window fan then you should keep the fan in the centre and fill the gap on both sides. So that the remaining gap on the side can cause dust and hot air to enter. Therefore, fill the gap with the help of cardboard or wooden plate.

Use wet cloth

When it gets hot, it becomes extremely difficult to get cold air. In such a situation, to get cold air, close the room well and hang a wet water cloth in front of the window fan, so that the air will hit the wet cloth and provide cold air.

If you use the window fan in this way, you will get more benefit from it and you will be able to get rid of the heat in no time.

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