Smart Hands: What it is and How will Businesses benefit

Smart Hands: What it is and How will Businesses benefit

Smart Hands

One of the most efficient and accessible alternatives to recruiting certified technicians is the use of Smart Hands services. In addition to being versatile and highly reliable, Smart Hands services are also more cost-effective to maintain, as these skilled technicians can perform many tasks immediately and accurately in the data center.

Before we continue, let's first define what the Smart Hands service is. Mostly, Smart Hands refers to a technical support system that allows site-based technicians to quickly respond to issues that may arise in your data center. Unlike certified technicians, they are not necessarily trained or properly accredited to specialize in a particular technology.

Some smart hands may still have certifications for the technologies in which they specialize, but the clear advantage over conventional technicians is that they can handle virtually any task of placement equipment. How is that possible? Smart Hands involves communication between field staff and remote technical support centers that specialize in various products and categories. A professional support representative receives instructions from certified technicians and project managers to solve severe problems.

Smart Hands: Proactive and Reactive

Depending on your budget and needs, Smart Hands can help you be proactive or reactive. The main variance is that in Proactive Smart Hands, a technical team actively monitors your tools and resolves minor issues as quickly as possible to avoid delays. In reactive, intelligent hands, equipment issues must first report before a technician handles the topic. The proactive method is more efficient for businesses that rely heavily on reliable server uptime.

Benefits of Smart Hands

Now that you know what Smart Hands is all about, there are three benefits to using it in your business. Take advantage of Smart Hands Services and now maximize the potential of your business.

1, Faster reaction times

Holding a technical staff can significantly reduce the frequency of server downtime and service disruptions in your organization. It is more practical for companies hosting and operating their servers. With Smart Hands you can be sure that all technical problems can solve in no time. You can also send your requests and requests (e.g., for updates) through a site technician and get answers right away.

2, Data Security Improved

Smart Hands Engineer Services can benefit protect your information by performing maintenance checks and periodic backups.

Your business can significantly benefit from being protected from catastrophic disruptions that can take days or even weeks to recover.

3, Higher productivity

With reduced downtime and more excellent reliability of placement equipment, your business can now work more efficiently. Also, by avoiding frequent and lengthy disruptions, your employees can focus more on the critical tasks and projects.

Remote Hands vs. Smart Hands

Remote Hands and Smart Hands in the data center are beneficial if we don't have anyone to manage the task in question. Or maybe the person who usually does this is not in the city and needs someone to have something to do. These are two reasons why we want to use technicians with experience in data centers.

There are some things we need to know when we talk about Remote Hands and Smart Hands.

Remote hands can include things like securing wiring, checking port numbers, viewing or reporting devices, basic observation of the environment and restarting the server. These data center services are provided as part of a data center contract at no additional cost.

When it comes to remote hands, keep in mind that these are all things that can do without data center technicians interfering in situ on any of the equipment. If a technician has to enter the team, we enter the Smart Hands area.

Smart hands involve more complex tasks than remote hands. These data center services include the management of placement devices, the configuration of a firewall, the administration of media and supplies, complex cable configurations, test and troubleshooting equipment, circuit and rack and stack tests. Smart Hands are services that usually charged per hour.

It is important to clarify what services are under Remote Hands and what services are under Smart Hands when we talk to a data center. We do not want surprises on the first bill. Unexpected costs are never fun.

Ask in the data center what is included and what is not so that we do not have surprise in the next bill. If you have any questions about how RACK59 can support your placement project with our support services, contact us using the form below.

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