technology affect your business

How will Technology Affect Your Business

Technological advances affect the way a business operates. It can affect your company in a positive and negative way.

Technological advances are changing how businesses and individuals operate. Many startups around the world shut down soon after their launch because they could not keep up with technological advances.

On the other hand, some are flourishing tenfolds due to their quick adaptation of the latest tech tools and solutions. For instance, I recently had to order a Cox bundle deal package and a chatbot helped me through the whole process. There are many ways, both positive and negative, in which technology helps companies. Here are a few...

Ease of Communicating with Customers

I mentioned my personal experience above where I was guided by a chatbot. Similarly, many companies have various ways in which they employ the use of technology to help them communicate better with customers. Because as humans, machines are less likely to make errors. Moreover, a machine never gets tired (or this is what we know).

We live in a fast-paced world. And businesses need to keep up with their customers. Whether it is answering a client’s query or providing them with a smooth shopping experience online, companies need to rely on technology.

Technology not only helps a client get through a company’s website with ease but it also aids in accelerating the shipment process. Hence, pleasing the customers.

Operational Efficiency

Technology also aids businesses in understanding their needs better and acting upon it accordingly. Whether it’s understanding the cash flow needs of a business or it is saving precious resources like space, technology helps in all aspects.

Companies now have access to warehouse inventory technologies apart from others. Such advancements allow the employees of companies to direct the time saved towards making other important decisions. For example, the warehouse inventory technology helps a business by deciding how to manage the storage costs effectively.


Staying up to date when it comes to technology allows businesses to increase their productivity. All of this comes as a result of improvements in the process flow, product development as well as developing the skills of workers. An everyday example of this would be the use of emails to save time while also communicating with clients effectively.

Apart from that, technologies like customer support pages as well as online customer service also reduce the need for employees to give personal attention to every client. This, in turn, aids in increasing the productivity of investments that a company makes in these areas.


Businesses can now communicate with clients and other partnering companies across the globe. This allows companies to expand themselves. Companies no longer have to feel bound by geographic boundaries. Thanks to the Internet and other technological advances, there aren’t any.

Employees can easily hold meetings with partnering companies or other clients over the web through video conferencing or the like. Companies can also get ready for challenges as they now get easy access to economic data. Hence, allowing them to make more informed decisions than before.

Moreover, the improvements in logistics and transportation allow for integration as well as interdependence to conduct businesses in other countries.


Whether it is the availability of literally every single piece of news online or the ability of airplanes to transfer a good from one part of the world to another, technology has accelerated the business processes. What once required weeks can now be done within a couple of minutes.

From online money transfers to sharing of files over the Internet to web purchasing, there is not a single thing that technology does not facilitate. Hence, allowing businesses to speed up the production, sale and even the distribution process.


Many businesses continuously face security threats. Companies are at a constant threat of information theft, courtesy: the hackers. Technology can help companies to protect the financial data of a company apart from other crucial information.

Apart from that, technology also plays an integral part in helping with confidential executive decisions. All of this leads to giving a competitive advantage to a company that is employing the use of technology.

Risks of Employing the Use of Technology

Although technology helps the businesses a great deal. But it also poses many risks for the companies employing the use of it. For example, the risk of not giving the employees proper training about how to use the new technology introduced in a firm. This can decrease employees’ confidence in themselves and even affect their productivity.

Moreover, companies are also more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This threat comes as a result of businesses relying on cloud technology to store data. 

Businesses also have to ensure that they have access to fast speed Internet. My company employs the use of Cox Internet plans. This becomes crucial because companies are constantly connecting with clients across the world. Any interruption would act as a barrier and businesses won’t be able to operate smoothly

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