Large Format Trade Printing

There is a lot of pressure on businesses to expose brand larger than life. Hence, large format trade printing is in huge demand these days. There is no denial to accept that still traditional forms of promotional marketing are more effective than digital advertisements. Large format printing is a versatile and a captivating way to get engaged with audience and improve brand visibility. At TradePoint.Online, we strive to offer all sorts of marketing materials that feature oversized printing.

1. Can be recognized from great distances:

One of the foremost advantages of large format trade printing is that it is highly eye-catching, even from great distances. Better ROI is guaranteed, because you will be able to attract customers from across a crowded trade show room! Since your brand’s message is clearly legible from far, you don’t need to worry about the investment. You can easily capture your audience’s attention, translate it into increased sales and, then potentially attain greater brand loyalty.

2. Increases brand recognition:

Another big advantage of oversized printing is that it helps improve brand recognition & visibility. It would help your brand get noticed & will allow consumers to remember your brand for the right reasons. In today’s world, it is highly difficult to make a lasting impression. But, with us you can easily make use of large format trade printing.


3. Versatile large scale printing:

Large format trade printing can be easily utilized on all sorts of marketing materials.  From flyers, to posters to banners, the quality print allows you to get your brand noticed. This is only possible with large format trade printing. It allows you to think more creatively & use marketing materials in new ways. This kind of printing can be used in an innumerable manner where you can promote your brand consistently. Large format trade printing commands high attention and catches the eye, making it worth for advertising. 



4. Fast and efficient:

One needs to invest almost no time to implement large format trade printing. No matter what sort of design you would like to be printed, you can get it done in minimal timing. Printers like us get your prints ready on the same day. However, it depends what sort of designs are you willing to print. 

5. Durability 

With large format trade printing, you don’t need to be bothered about the printing getting weathered easily or damaged. The large format printing can last for weeks, or even months. This durability is proved useful for transit graphics. 

6. Create extra buzz around the prospects:

It’s a simple rule that, bigger your message, banner or slogan is; more the people would get attracted towards it. An effective large format print advertisement catches the attention of onlookers. It also helps raise your brand recognition which is crucial to staying relevant.

What’s more!

Large format trade printing is beneficial to any business owner who is looking to advertise on the massive scale. Usually, it is done on buses, posters, cars or anything else that calls for a huge printed graphic. The Marketing aspirants must opt large format trade printing to command attention & catch the eye that is great for advertising.


1. Brightness

This is the pre-requisite while opting printing trade services because the brightness affects the contrast and impacts readability. The brighter paper is always known for the display. The ink colors are displayed more accurately, vibrantly and purely. The bright paper also makes color pop and looks better.  A darker paper could be used to create a certain type of image. In general the paper brightness works best for colorful designs.


2. Opacity

Opacity is the measure of transparency or how the print shows through from one side to the other. Always go for opaque paper while heading towards printing trade services. The role of opacity becomes highly important especially if you are printing on both sides of the paper. It is important to choose opaque paper whenever it is distracting and hard to read content.

3. Weight and thickness

Paper weight and thickness play a huge impact while opting for printing trade services. One must talk to the printing professional before choosing the paper stock. It is best to use thicker paper because it produces better results for foil stamping, embossing and die cutting. However, thinner paper is cheaper and uses less material, making it more environmental friendly. Whenever you go for catalogue printing, always make sure that the cover and interior paper stocks possess the right thickness.


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