True Funny Stories: Baby Rat Aliens Found In New Zealand Baffles Netizens

Mysterious baby alien rats were found in Auckland, New Zealand. Know more about it and see what's the creepy creature really is.

Funny stories can originated from any part of the world, but when its turns into something creepy, it shocks people.

Just like this recent discovery made by a mom, who was working in the kitchen in her home in Auckland, New Zealand. She discovered mysterious and creepy looking ‘baby rat aliens’ in her kitchen area.

What is so strange about the rats?

If you think that there was nothing out of the box in the rats, you are wrong. This isn’t exaggeration at all. The house owner posted a video of the critters. They were placed on the palm of his hand.

It looked like new born rats, except the fact that they had small cylindrical shaped bodies which was covered in black fur. Also they had long thin tails and it appeared that they had pointed hooves instead of paws.

Reaction of the netizens

Tim Clerk, uploaded the video on his Facebook account asking what creature is it. He wrote in the description “My mother found these on the kitchen floor this morning. One is still alive. “Anyone know what they are? Nikki is horrified and will have nightmares for weeks.”

Of course, people were baffled to see something so alien looking. But many netizens believed that it was nothing but a detached leg of the moth. One however treated it as true funny stories and commented something that we can call as ‘dark humour.

He wrote, ‘It’s like someone cut the bottom end off of baby mouse.’ Weird right!

Then there were those who just read it as one of the funny stories and dismissed the video saying that they were half chewed moths.

The comments on the video

There are already around 18,309 views so far for the video. But some comments are just epic. A user named xrmarty2005 wrote, ‘those were they are dead tadpoles.  I hope “a mum" found some water for them’!

Another user had the same reaction that anyone would have looking at those squirming little creepy rats.

No wonder, the ones who found it thought that they are aliens.


What do the expert say?

The experts to have no clue about what they could be. Some of the experts think that it could become one of those true stories that they luckily discovered a new species. However, they still haven’t been able to identify it yet.

Eric Edwards, who works as Science Advisor and Entomologist with the New Zealand Department of Conservation was the Forensic expert who tended to this case. He has however some speculations regarding the alien rat. He also weighed them and said that they might be rat-tailed maggots.


Is this the first case?

Strangely, no. An Australian backpacker found something equally strange which was later identified as a hoverfly larvae by an entomologist. They are more commonly known as rat-tailed maggots. It might be possible that the same species was found in New Zealand.

So, what do you think?

Could this be sign that slowly and gradually, the creatures on our planet are evolving right before our eyes? Or is it something that we can call ‘one of the freaks of nature?’

Whatever it be, it is certainly some rat you don’t want to find in your kitchen!

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