What Are Your Options for Effective Scar Treatment?

What Are Your Options for Effective Scar Treatment?

Do you know what scars are? Actually, they occur as a result of the healing of your body. Whenever our body goes through trauma or an injury, it heals the wound and a scar appears there. The scar can also happen as a result of acne, surgery, or injury. If you are looking for scar removal treatment in Dubai, then you should know the fact that there is no scar treatment that can cure the problem. All types of treatments can reduce the appearance only. This article discusses different options for effective acne scar treatment. Continue reading to know more!

Scar Removal Treatment Options

The development of the scar becomes permanent if the attention is not paid to it. Thanks to medical science, a number of treatment procedures are available to treat the scar. The following list is made to help you out in this regard.

  • Punch Excision – The scar or cut is individually removed by implementing the procedure of excision. The skin grafting or stitches is performed to remove the hole. Usually, this treatment is recommended for acne scars.

  • Surgical Procedure – This invasive method is utilized to remove a scar permanently. Only a board-certified surgeon can perform the procedure. When you visit your doctor for the removal of your scars, he will evaluate your skin and the area where you are having scars. After a complete evaluation, he will let you know if the surgical procedure will be a good fit for you. 

  • Laser Scar Removal – Your dermatologist may recommend the procedure of laser scar removal. The treatment method is the latest, so it helps to remove the scar in an amazing way. The laser works by removing the outer layer of skin brighten and lightens the acne lesions, and contour the areas of scars. Also, the intense laser light is utilized to minimize the shape, color, and size of the scar. Lasers are available in different styles and the selection of a laser is made on the basis of the type of your scars. 

  • Retinoic Acid – Some specific tissue scars cannot be treated by using some conventional treatment methods. In such cases, retinoic acid is used to cure the problem. This acid is directly applied to the scar specifically if you have keloid scars.

  • Chemical Peels – You may have heard about this treatment option. Chemical peels are one of the most used treatment methods. This is not just an acne scar treatment, but it comes with a number of other benefits for skin. You will get the removal of scars along with rejuvenated and smooth skin. The procedure works by removing the uppermost damaged layer of the skin. After the recovery time period, you will get new and rejuvenated skin. Multiples sessions are required to get optimal results. This procedure can be performed in a spa or a clinic by an experienced practitioner, doctor, or nurse. Most preferably, you should get this procedure done in a reputed clinic by an experienced practitioner. The acid comes in different strengths. The side-effects depend on the type and strength of chemical peels you are going to use.

  • Dermabrasion – Another most used procedure for acne and scar treatment is none other than dermabrasion. The top layer of your skin eliminated and you will get a new one. The procedure is similar to the method of chemical peels but its results are better than that. It comes with less downtime and increased results. Though you have to wait for a few days to heal.

  • Microdermabrasion – A spray containing small crystals is using to perform the procedure. A high-speed brush is used to perform the procedure so that the surface skin can be removed. The procedure doesn’t come with downtime. Also, multiple sessions are required to get the desired results.

  • Injections – You may be surprised to read that injections can be the best treatment for your acne scars. But believe me! Steroid injections can be proved as one of the best methods to shrink the scars and make your skin rejuvenated and even. Some other injections include dermal fillers are also used for this purpose. They work by increasing collagen production. Collagen ‘the most important substance for making your skin younger and healthy’ is necessary for healing and making your skin beautiful. So, these injections freshen your dull skin and provide a rejuvenating effect. Hence, the fillers absorb in your skin, so there is the requirement to get the fillers again when they absorb into the skin. According to an estimate, you need to get another session after a few years. the time span of getting another session depends on the type of product which has been used to perform the procedure. Quick recovery and less downtime are linked to the procedure.

  • Ointments – Topical ointments and scar removal creams are some other good options to remove apparent scarring. Your dermatologist will tell you if this method is good for you or not after examining your skin and the condition of the scar.

  • Skin Grafting – A small piece of your healthy skin is used to be placed on your scar. In this way, your scars will be removed. This scar removal treatment procedure is performed by taking the skin graft from behind the ear. 

Bottom Line!

As you know that a number of latest and conventional procedures are available to remove your scars, you have to select the best for you. Whatever the method you are going to use, keep this fact in the mind that no method has the capability to completely restore the scars. All you can get is the improvement in the appearance of your skin. You will get satisfactory results only when you have realistic expectations with the results. You need to consult an expert and board-certified dermatologist to know which treatment will work for you. As long as, you are choosing your doctor carefully, you will be able to get optimal outcomes with enhanced appearance. Discuss your goals with Laser Skin Care doctor so that he can suggest a scar removal treatment accordingly. 

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