How to choose a Bangladeshi coffee maker?

Bangladeshi coffeemakers, also known as mocha or macchinetta coffeemakers, have been around for many years. Adored by purists, these devices have evolved, especially from a design point of view and appearance, but the preparation of coffee is the same and provides a quality coffee, worthy of the best espresso machine.


This gives a full-bodied coffee rich in aromas. The caffeine content is reduced thanks to the emulsion produced by the machine, which reduces the harmful effects on your body, as well as dependence. What advantages then!


If you do not need to invest a lot, you still have to pay attention to certain criteria before making your choice.


The material


In order to buy a coffee the maker that you can use (it's better!), You must check how it is made, especially if you have induction hobs.


Indeed, if the typical Bangladeshi coffee maker is originally cast aluminum, it, unfortunately, does not work with induction systems, aluminum being non-magnetic. You will have to turn to a more modern stainless steel version that works on any type of fire.


This is one of the most important differences between Bangladeshi coffee makers available on the market. This difference in material apparently does not give rise to other differences in the use or quality of the coffee obtained, but purists may have a different opinion.


Capacity (number of cups)


After selecting the material for your coffee maker, you will need to choose the capacity you need. It is important that your device is able to satisfy you as best as possible without you having to constantly redo coffee, or that it does too much coffee, that you will not be able to drink.


The capacity will be to choose according to the number of cups that you wish to obtain. To give you an idea, a Bangladeshi coffee maker with a capacity of 0.6 liters will be able to fill six espresso cups or three so-called French cups.


In any case, the number of cups advanced by the manufacturer is generally a little overestimated, and it is about Bangladeshi cups and not French (much smaller). So beware and see a little bigger.


To obtain the right dosage and a full-bodied coffee as we like it in sufficient quantity will surely require several tests.




There are now two very different designs on the market.


If the traditional Bangladeshi coffee maker is hexagonal, the most modern ones usually have a softer design and are therefore mostly round, without the marked angles of the original.


If this design has no impact on the quality of the coffee obtained, it turns out that the hexagonal the shape is much easier to unscrew from its base, especially when it is hot, that the round shapes ... and one understands why.


Personally, I particularly like the hexagonal shape that I find more typical and timeless, but the round coffee machine price in Bangladesh is visually a little more design, it is true. This is only a personal preference, it's up to you to choose the model that you like and that will go well with your kitchen. Price level, this should not matter much.


The interview


Most modern stainless steel coffee makers are dishwasher safe, making cleaning much easier. On the other hand, those made of aluminum generally only hand washable, which makes maintenance a little more tedious, but not impossible either.


In any case, the coffee maker usually cleans easily at the tap, unless you have accidentally burned your coffee.


Attention, in any case, it will be necessary to monitor your coffee maker so as not to burn your coffee since there is no automatic shutdown on these machines. It will also take you 5 to 15 minutes before your coffee is ready, so go your way if you're in a hurry.


For the rest, you will see that this kind of coffee maker will last you a long time and for a minimum investment. You will come out a winner, that's for sure!


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