Valley Of Flowers


Valley Of Flowers

The Valley Of Flowers Trek

Uttarakhand, the Land of Gods, is a paradise for nature darlings and experience devotees. Out of all other astonishing areas in Uttarakhand, Garhwal is an undertaking searcher's heaven, being home to probably the most captivating trekking courses. Aside from its delightful valleys, rich green knolls and striking pinnacles; Garhwal opens up heaps of chances for the adventurists. Trekking in the wonderful territories of Garhwal is a remarkable encounter, and a trekking outing to Valley of Flowers is an unquestionable requirement, while visiting this piece of India. The dazzling valley, with sublime blossoms at full sprout during the rainstorm, is each trekker's and picture taker's fantasy goal. 

How to Reach? 

Via Train: The closest station is at Rishikesh (269 KM away). Be that as it may, a great many people like to get down at Haridwar because of better train choices. 

Forward Journey: State Transportation transports are accessible from Haridwar and Rishikesh railroad stations. To arrive at Valley of Flowers, one needs to get down at Govindghat. 

Best time for Trek 

Despite the fact that the trekking course stays open from June to October, yet the best time to trek would be among July and August when the blossoms are in full sprout. 

The Trekking Trail 

A trek to the Valley of Flowers is a blowout for the eyes. The magnificence of this hypnotizing valley begins to appear acceptable from Joshimath. On the way forward you track through conifers, rich knolls and afterward move over greenery and bushes. The excellent scenery stays a consistent as far as possible up. Every so often you will experience little and grand villages. At the point when you reach Ghangaria, take a peep on the left side and you will be welcomed to the fantastic valley by stunning botanical greatness of several beautiful blossoms. 

Joshimath: The trek to the Valley of Flowers, and up ahead to Hemkund Sahib, starts from Joshimath (a villa in Chamoli area). From Joshimath, you'll stroll along the bank of stream Alaknanda. 

Trekking to Valley of Flowers 

Govindghat: Your first stop is at the small town of Govindghat. You can stock up certain eatables and furthermore fill water compartments here. Despite the fact that there is a lake at higher elevation, yet you should convey as a lot of water, for the adventure ahead, from Govindghat as could reasonably be expected. 

Ghangaria Village 

Ghangaria: A consistent ascension lands you in Ghangaria. Be that as it may, before you reach Ghangaria you will observer a great deal of land-structure changes. 

Valley of Flowers: After certain refreshments, stroll for another kilometer to arrive at the Valley of Flowers National Park. The perspective on this excellent valley will get over the tiredness of the voyage, actually soon. 

Hemkund Sahib 

Hemkund Sahib: The following leg of the trek begins from Ghangaria. With a seven odd kilometers climb, in the midst of great scenaries, you will reach Hemkund Sahib. While there, shred off your tiredness by sitting by the delightful lake and absorb the excellence of the environment. 

The Floral Valley 

Valley of Flowers 

Valley of Flowers, presently a National Park territory, was found by Frank Smith when he was on an endeavor to Mount Kamet. It is a goal for nature darlings, trekkers and botanists. The valley is renowned for its glades of snow capped blooms. In spite of the fact that renowned for its different gathering of blooms, the Valley of Flowers is additionally home to many jeopardized creature species and a large group of eye-getting feathered creatures. In the midst of creatures, you can discover Himalayan dark and darker bears, snow panthers, musk deer, red foxes and the Himalayan Tahr. Monal is the most ordinarily seen winged animal in the locale. 

Pool of Ice 

Hemkund Lake 

Seven kilometers ahead from Ghangaria, is the hallowed Sikh Gurudwara of Hemkund Sahib. This two-story hallowed place was planned by Indian Army during the 1980s. The pool of ice (Hemkund Lake), is arranged before this Gurudwara. Encompassed by seven ice clad pinnacles (Saptashringa Peaks), the view from the lake is enchanting. The stone strewn shores of this super cold spot is the place you can sit and simply continue gazing at nature's excellence. The water of this lake is greenish in shading, and one can discover lumps of ice coasting on it in any event, throughout the late spring months.

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