Know the types of hair transplantation to choose the best one!

hair transplant in London

Know the types of hair transplantation to choose the best one!

Hair loss is one of the great stresses for millions of people all around the world, especially men. When you are looking for the reasons for the loss, lots of factors arise like aging, gene, consumption of medications, etc. Hair is also considered as the factor of good appearance and beauty. Hair loss at an early age will be painful, as it affects your beauty.

Are you one such person and looking for a better solution? Here is the best solution under the name of hair transplantation. There are three types of hair transplantation and you should know about them for the better selection of the type of hair transplant in London.

Type 1: Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)  

This is the procedure where a strip of hair is taken from the donor regions and it is implanted on the balding or the thinning area. Later, the donor area will be closed using the sutures. However, several days are required for healing at the donor area. You can take up this type of procedure when you are affected from average to extreme balding, as it will allow several grafts to be transplanted in a particular session.

Type 2: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This is one of the most famous and new types of hair transplant in UK. Here, the strand of the hair is transplanted from the back or side of the head in groups. The groups may contain 1 to 4 hairs, as it the way that the natural hair will grow. It exactly resembles the natural growth of the human hair and so it is liked by most of the people. Another advantage of the procedure is that this procedure will not need any deep or major cuttings. So, short time is enough for recovery and there will not be more scars as well.

Scalp reduction

This is a highly rare type of hair transplantation chosen. Here, the bald area will be completely removed and hair-bearing scalp will be replaced in that area. Due to the procedure, it becomes costlier and also there are more chances for the scalp to get tightened.

The ability of the supporting team

It is not only enough for your surgeon to be kind, specialized and helpful but it is also necessary for the best supporting team as well. Not all the time you can rely on the surgeon alone. Before and after the treatment, you will need the bits of help from the other members in the supporting and so it is important to confirm as well.

Availability of the types of equipment

The best hair transplant clink in London that you choose should have enough facilities with the equipments for the successful completion of the treatment. You can speak to your surgeon about it or visit the clinic top have a look at the available types of equipment.

Cost of the treatment

Cost is also one of the must consider aspects of any type of treatment that you are undergoing. When speaking about the cost, it includes all the pre and post-surgery as well. Speak about the surgeon about it before the selection of click to avoid the later hassles.


Final thoughts

If you are considering any hair transplantation in the United Kingdom, as the first step, you need to understand the types, priority to be given and your needs over the technique. Further, you can choose the surgeon and the type of hair transplantation to enjoy the advantages out of it. It exactly resembles the natural growth of the human hair and so it is liked by most of the people.

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