Updates on top Devops Interview Questions for 2020

Finding the best DevOps interview questions is not that easy as it sounds, rather it needs a bit of effort to search for the same and prepare to get the job.

Finding the best Devops interview questions is not that easy as it sounds, rather it needs a bit of effort to search for the same and prepare to get the job. So, just to reduce your burden of getting the best Devops interview questions, here the Coding tag has tried to compiled a list of the most recent and updated Devops interview questions. Let’s walk through them one by one. So the first question is:


1) What do you mean by DevOps?

DevOps is a software development methodology whose objective is to become a bridge GAP between development and operational team of the Company. Its emphasis on the collaboration and communication of developers and other IT professionals.

Basically, it resolves all conflicts between OPS and development team and main targets on fast software delivery with fewer failure rates.

2) List some of the key elements of DevOps?

a) Infrastructure as code

b) Automation

c) Monitoring

d) Security

e) Continuous deployment

f) Accelerating speed of delivering applications

g) Frequently learning improvement via feedback

h) Animated by Agile Process

i) Increase Deployment frequency

j) Lessen lead time between fixes

k) Eliminate disconnects

l) Real-time feedback loop concept

3) What do you mean by continuous Integration in DevOps?

Continuous integration acts as a secondary element of the Agile process. In this practice, developers continuously merge their code modification into a central repository and act as an integration phase of the software release process with an objective of monitoring bugs and quality improvement and reducing time delay of software release and validation.

4) What is the role of Amazon Web Services in DevOps?

AWS delivers services beneficial for DevOps practicing at the various organization. This software automates entire manual tasks and team management at a complex environment and also assists engineers for maintaining high velocity and stability.


Some of the benefits provided by AWS are given below:

1) More programmable

2) Instant startup without installing.

3) Permits automation for efficiency.

4) Provide more security

5) No upfront fees and termination penalty

5) List out some popular tools for DevOps?

a) Ansible

b) Git

c) Jenkins

d) Donkers

e) Kubernates

f) Nagios

g) Raygon

6) What are the benefits of continuous delivery on DevOps?

1) Raise the number of deliveries.

2) The risk of production failure decreases.

3) Diminish manual work.

4) Boost team confidence.

5) Enables the team member to automate entirely.

6) Permit rapid feedback.

7) What are the stages of DevOps?

a) Planning

b) Coding

c) Building

d) Testing

e) Deploying

f) Operating

g) Monitoring

8) What is the role of vagrant in DevOps?

Vagrant is the most impressive tool, used virtual box as the hypervisor for virtual environment and KVM management and in creating a testing environment.

It is an open source tool permits the user to create a configuration file, user-friendly command line interface in less time and also improve wholly workflow of using puppet.

9) Is DevOps is beneficial to developers?

Yes, it allows monitoring, detecting, fixing a bug, implementing advanced features more quickly and also facilitates clear interaction among team members.

10) What is version control?

A software system permits a team of the organization for source code modification over time. It continuously traces code modification and keeps a record of it on a database.

Moreover, it also examines errors and issues occur due to some modification.

a) Benefits of version control

b) Coordinating teams

c) Version tracking

d) Flexibility of work

11) What are the categories of version control?

a) Centralized

b) Distributed

12) Explain "infrastructure as code" (IaC)?

'IaC' is managing the entire operation's Environment. The concepts used in IAC area most identical to other programming languages. In IaC, the advanced level Automatic Script processes are used, which resembles foremost software design practices.

To make code more versatile and adaptive visioning, Developers carefully designed control code version and make use of advanced featured source code for provision and management. IaC infrastructure can be easily and quickly implement Via IAC

a) Role of IaC

b) IT infrastructure management

c) Up-to-date Infrastructure documentation

d) More reliability

13) List some of the domains where DevOps are implemented?

a) IT operations development

b) During production feedback creation and its further development

c) Production development

14) Describe some of the DevOps benefits with a technical perspective?

a) Reduced complex problem occurrence.

b) Permits fast problem-solving

c) Lesson manpower

d) Continuous software delivery

15) List some of the MNC companies adapted DevOps for boosting performance?

Etsy, Google, and Amazon

16) Which scripting language plays a major part in DevOps development?

Python language

17) What is the significance of configuration management processes?

Configuration management refers to the entire items that required to be managed or configured for achieving any project successfully including troubleshooting, keeping continuous tracking and monitoring of project development.


It is one of the best-automated methods for software maintenance permitting infrastructure scaling and efficiency improvement.

18) Mention some measuring parameters implemented for measuring the success of DevOps adopted across the organization?

a) Mean-Time-to-Change (MTTC)

b) Frequency of release

c) Mean-Time-to-Recovery (MTTR)

19) List some planning tools in DevOps?


20) List some Building tools in DevOps?

a) Apache Maven

b) Rake

c) Make

d) CMake

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