Kidney Transplant in India

Is It Possible To Get a Successful Kidney Transplant in India?

Kidney Transplant in India is one of the most successful procedures. The country secures the second position in the list of the states serving the maximum number of successful kidney transplants every year.


Kidney Transplant in India is one of the most successful procedures. The country secures the second position in the list of the states serving the maximum number of successful kidney transplants every year. 

The apparent reason for receiving the maximum number of patients every year from different parts of the world is the high rate of success of the treatment in the country. The surgeons in India possess the experience of over two decades in performing kidney transplantation and thus accomplish the transplant with over 99% success rate. 

Also, there are minimum or no chances of complications after the treatment. So, if you are suffering from end-stage renal disorders, you can plan your kidney transplant in India. However, there are specific criteria that a patient has to fulfil before undergoing a kidney transplant in India. 


What are the Basic Criteria for Availing Kidney Transplant in India?

Some of the specifications to avail kidney transplant in India:

  • Donor:

The first and foremost requirement for a kidney transplant in India is that the donor should be blood-related. Performing a kidney transplant in India with an unrelated donor is illegal. Apart from that, the donor should not have any significant health issues. He must be physically fit and have an acceptable weight. Doctors do not accept the kidney of an obese person.

Apart from that, the age of the donor must be between 18 to 50 years. Neither a teenager nor an adult person with age above 50 years is acceptable for donating a kidney.


  • Receiver:

To undergo a kidney transplant, the patient has to undergo diagnosis process. If as per the test results, a patient is fit to undergo the transplant surgery, the doctors initiate with the process of treatment. The basic requirement is:

  • The patient must not be above the age of 65 years. However, there is no lower age limit.

  • The patient should not suffer from any other major organ disorder that is lung, liver, heart, bone marrow etc.

  • He must not be a chain smoker or drug addict, even if the patient is used to it, they must quit one-month before the treatment

  • If the person has TB or other such infection, he is not considered for a kidney transplant.

  • The candidate undergoing the transplant must not have a history of cancer.


Both the donor and the receiver must satisfy the above criteria. Apart from that, the kidney of the donor and the receiver must be a match in terms of the size. Also, the blood group of the patient and the receiver must be compatible. If the donor and the receiver fulfil the criteria of kidney transplantation, then there exists no other difficulty in getting the transplantation. In case you suffer any problem in getting the treatment in India, you can approach medical tourism company in the country, and they will help you with all the possible arrangements of the treatment. Medical tourism companies can also help you with getting your medical visa and other formalities too. 

Dialysis is an effective treatment option for those who are not fit for undergoing transplant surgery. So, if your doctor suggests you for a kidney transplant, do not delay in the treatment. However, most of the patients avoid the kidney transplantation process because of the price of treatment.

Well, it is possible to avail the kidney transplantation at economical prices too. One of the most inexpensive options for a kidney transplant is; India.


Final Words:

The kidney transplant in India is possible with the original kidneys. The doctors have been trying for Artificial Kidney Transplant in India on animals; in some instances, they have gained success. However, the process is still under research, and it can be possible shortly. 

At present, if you wish to avail cost-effective and satisfactory kidney transplant in India, you must have a related donor.

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