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How to offer the best client service in your beauty salon

Owning a salon business is not the end of the inputs!! There is a lot more that you need to look after!! Growing in the service industry is quite a challenging task instead of the product industry because the technological era has changed everyone's way of exploring everything.

People nowadays are more likely to entertain the services more comfortably and like to examine the services or products extensively. 

Well...this is quite adequate!!! 

They spend the money, and in return, they demand nothing but quality services. 

Fair enough!!

They are not preferencing the loyalty of the products, brands, and their services; instead, they are more inclined towards the services they are getting, their satisfaction level, and their overall experience. Survey says that:

  • 54% of the clients have higher expectations these days comparatively one year ago. It probability jumps to an increment of 11%, especially for 18 to 34 years old.

  • 89% of the businesses are supposed to emphasize on satisfying the client's expectations. 

  • 67% of client services have improved.

  • Client's services is an essential factor for brand loyalty and are estimated by 96% of the clients. 

The above statistics clear that when it is providing outstanding customer service at the beauty Salon and assuring customer satisfaction, the businesses necessitate handling the service standards in prospect and the clients as the key element of the business. 

There are specific significant measures that one can achieve after providing an ideal client experience:

  • Extensive brand awareness

  • Strengthened customer loyalty

  • Enhanced word of mouth promotion

  • Improved profits

Offering the best client service is not a hard and fast rule; you do not need to spend a lot of effort and money on the same; all you need to focus on the explicit measures that can give fruitful results. 

So, we are here to provide you with the best tips on delivering quality customer service in your Salon. Let's get started!!

Tips on providing successful client service in beauty Salon

Connect with the clients

"Make the customer the hero of your story. – Ann Handley"

Adopting this stanza early is not only beneficial for your salon business but is advantageous for bringing in more clients to your doorstep. You need to stay in touch with the clients to know about their preferences, the issues if they are facing, etc. 

Connecting with them when you are providing some offers and discounts and informing them about their changing schedules is vital. It only requires just sending the email, SMS, or merely a phone call. This will signify that you care and value them. 

Communication is the key

The main aim of any business is to cater to your clients the intimate and personal services. It is significant to know that the clients are looking for. Keep their knowledge intact about their treatments, and your services are really helpful for your business growth. The essential measure is to keep the communication on both ends clear. 

While giving the customer's services, for example, manicure, pedicure, hair cut, etc., - knowing what exactly how their desired look so that you can work accordingly and achieve the wanted outcomes.

Trained staff

The skills of the staff you have hired plays a crucial role because they are the one who is providing the services to the clients. So, make sure that the recruited staff has undergone the proper training and has practiced intensive workshops to master their talents. 

They should be dedicated and experienced enough, and disappointing the clients and giving poor services should not be their intention. 

Keeping their knowledge updated regarding the latest trends helps gain more customers to the Salon because now the clients are likely to prompt according to the most advanced fashions. Knowing how to take directions from the clients and deliver work according to their preferences, not of the stylist, is compelling.  

The unhealthy talks such as work gossip and sharing the problem should be avoidable. Remember that they are not there to be your friends; they are there for some relaxation and relief. 

Time management

Informing the clients about the rescheduling when the Salon is overbooked and is not able to accommodate more does not let waste their time and also does not make them irritated. Offer them discounted services and some extra services next time will make them pleasing experience. 

Your aim should not lie in growing the business but in valuing the clients. Entertaining them in the appropriate time period without any further delay should be your approach as they might have some further plans. Do not hamper their valuable time. 

Client's last appointment history

Asking the client's about the reviews regarding their last appointment is helpful as you can improve the services accordingly. You have your client's details, ask them - how they are celebrating their birthday and anniversaries? Let them feel that they are special, and they are the only ones that they deal with. 

If your clients are frequent customers, identify the color they normally want on their nails, the length of their favorite eyelashes, and whether the hair is curled or straightened to guarantee that you are prepared. It, accordingly, saves time for both.

Reward points

You can reward your potential customers for getting more business opportunities for your Salon. Urge them to refer more clients to your Salon to help you to create more leads. Here, you can take help from the Best Salon Software with which you can compute the loyal or potential client for your Salon. 

The management software can confirm you the clients you should give discounts and rewards points to. A few of your clients can account for your Salon services in the group and requires discounts on big purchases. The Salon Software permits you to choose who should get the reward points.

Appointment management

The clients these days like to book appointments only after the business hours. This is the best method of salon marketing. Keep your client's satisfied with the booking software that lets your clients book the appointment according to their schedule. With the aid of this software solution, you can inform the clients regarding the reschedule or cancellation of the appointment with an SMS or email alert system.

The clients can book the appointment 24X7 merely in some seconds. It also blocks the time frame when your staff is not available to entertain the clients to gain more authentic client experience.

Offer the service at a convenient time and allow the clients to book appointments with your Salon, respectively. It also permits you for multiple bookings if your Salon staff is available for providing the services.

Concluding Remarks

When it is about client management, you need to pay attention to every single detail to win their hearts. Though, it is a challenge to gain the client's loyalty and to be the best among others. 

Understand that customer service is an invaluable asset that can either make or break your business. Assure that you offer the best client experience to make them revisit yours time and again. Serve them sincerely cause they are your Salon's asset. We have mentioned the best ways that you can follow to gain the best customer experience. 

Follow them today and find the difference!!

Hopefully, you have liked this article. If there is anything we have missed, then let us know in the comment section below. We will really appreciate your queries and suggestions. Thanks for sparing some time for reading!!


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