How to start a mobile app development company in India?

mobile app development company

How to start a mobile app development company in India?

How to start a mobile app development company in India?


In this tech-savvy world, due to the high usability of mobile phones, it has become a necessity to have a mobile presence. And this gave rise to the increased demand for mobile application development.

Mobile app development is the set of processes that involves software for small and wireless computing devices. Alike the web application development, mobile app development also has some roots from the traditional software. 



If you are thinking to begin with the mobile app development company, take a look at the steps mentioned below. Going into the mobile app development stages unprepared can be expensive, disappointing and brand-damaging mistakes. 


  1. Deep research

R&D is the foremost step for the starting of any company. At the time of research, you will get to know about certain offerings. Try to bridge the gap with your app and design it in a way such that it serves the unique and creative solutions. 


Adequate research will help you to discover:

  1. About your competitors

  2. Competitor’s strategy

  3. Strengths and weaknesses of your competitor

  4. Genuine reviews about the competitor

  5. USP of the competitor


2.  Platform choice

In the earlier days, the developers had to choose between the various platforms. But now the choice has been narrowed down majorly to iOS and Android. 

So it’s recommendable to make a choice between Android, iOS or Wearable for your mobile application development services. 


3. Development

After selecting a suitable platform, the next step is team building. Depending on your various goals, you will require different personnel. This will include the hiring of coders, designers, copywriters and even the photographers. 


4. Business plan

“A business plan can make or break the business.”

 Once you have gone through the insights of the app market, you require more specific plans. A good business plan can eliminate useless expenses and can save your money. The business plan you are preparing should include structured tactics and strategy. Begin with the short-term plan.


5. Investment

After all the other elements, now it's time to enter the real world. As your business plan is ready, you will require a good amount of money. 

There are different ways to get the money for starting the new mobile app development company:

  • On your own

  • Take a loan

  • Crowdfunding

  • Find a Partner


  1. Prototype with feedback

For the best mobile application development services, go for an interactive prototype. This includes the idea and fully designed visual framework. In normal words, it is a test drive for your app. This can be tested by both the users and the investors. This will help you to gain genuine feedback of your app. After this, you can do the required changes accordingly. 


  1. App monetization

Before the launching of the app, you have already done with the counting of the expenses. The task is how to get back all the money through the app. Here comes the app monetization. 

You need to decide you want your app to be free or paid. If going for the free one, you can do the app monetization by: 

    1. Advertisements

    2. In-app purchase

    3. Direct selling

    4. Pro-version

          Do not forget about the paid applications. These works better on iOS. 


8. Marketing

Once your app is ready, don’t forget about the advertisement. Now you have to do the promotions of what you have made. You need to invest some cost in PR and Advertising. Start it with social media. 


9. Improvement

The expenses don’t end once you are done with the selling or downloading of the app. The users have to wait for the frequent updates. So to beat your competitors, you require constant working on the app. This will help you to go ahead in the race of success.  


Wrapping Up

As you are working for the mobile application development services, there are many who works as the freelancer app developer. Collaborate with them and together gain success. 

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