How to Save All Emails from Office 365 to Gmail?

How to Save All Emails from Office 365 to Gmail?

Office 365 is launched by Microsoft to facilitate corporate users and through this application, Microsoft provides free access to all other applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and other apps that are necessarily used by every professional person. On the other hand, Gmail is designed by Google LLC to provide users an excellent cloud-based email application. With this users can manage emails up to 16 GB for free. Not only for email management, but Gmail is also known for the accessibility to Google Drive where one can save data up to 15 GB for free. Data like docs, images, videos, gifs, etc. can be saved in this storage drive through the help of the Gmail application.

Nowadays, it is noticed that Office 365 users want to change their email application and want to know how to save all emails from Office 365 to Gmail application. But the issue is that there is no specified process to perform the Office 365 migration process. So, we have to choose any third-party software that is Office 365 Converter to process data from Office 365 application to Gmail account directly.

Benefits of Third Party Software

Through the use of Office 365 Converter, we can perform this process easier as it has all required features and some advanced options which can be utilized by both professionals and non-professionals. We can perform this migration process on Windows OS 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP and all other released Windows Operating System through the help of this software which is designed for Windows-based computer systems.

We can understand how to save all emails from Office 365 to Gmail application with selective data by the use of advanced filtrations which includes date filters through which one can decide exact date range and header filters through which we can migrate only required emails which are of same sender, receiver and subject. This software can retain the structure of folders so that we can understand all transferred data without any change in view.

Procedure to Migrate Data from Office 365 to Gmail Account

Step 1. Download Office 365 Converter on your computer and then install it properly.

Step 2. From the left side of the first window select that application (Office 365) from which you want to migrate data through the use of Select Email Source section.

Step 3. Now enter all required details of that selected account and then move forward towards the Backup section of the software.

Step 4. From this section, you need to choose that application (Gmail) in which all data will be transferred. Fill all login credentials of such a selected account.

Step 5. Now, choose required filtration options it has date filters, to filters, from filters and subject filters. Through these, you can migrate data according to your needs.

Step 6. Click on the Backup button to start the process of migration and then wait for the completion of migration.

Through these steps, you can easily understand how to save all emails from Office 365 to Gmail application easily. This tool cannot save any of your login credentials or any other information on your enter accounts of both applications.


With the above explanation, it is now easy for every user of the Office 365 application to understand how to save all emails from Office 365 to Gmail. This software can also perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration process through similar steps. You should try this software with its free edition which can show you the migration process with the first 20 items of every folder. Through this edition, you can easily understand the procedure and check the relevancy of Office 365 Converter. The whole data of Office 365 application can be processed through the utilization of a licensed edition of this software.

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