The Best and Most Secure Online bill payment app in India 2019

The Best and Most Secure Online bill payment app in India 2019

According to statistica reports, smartphone users in India reaches a whopping 300 million and still on the rise. This has given the mobile application industry to start an avalanche of launching mobile applications on android and IoS smartphones. But, this has put the public in a dilemma to choose the best and most secure online bill payment app in India.

Thanks to the demonetization and frequent cash crunches that users are more acquainted with using liquid cash and online financial transactions. But the question that has primed throughout the colossal amount of application is the security, safety of the data shared and the transaction done.

Why XPay.Life is the best application in the market?

XPay.Life is a compelling innovation that has a one-stop solution to all consumer problems. To assist the customer in the better, simple, effective way to ensure all the multi-utility payments are done in time, Xpay.Life is making a huge impact.

The X is XPay.Life stands for blockchain technology, hence this is assuring you secure financial transactions.All the multi utility bills can be paid at the comfort of your home with a plethora of options.XPay.Life as a web portal where you can log in to and pay the electricity bills, water bills, recharge your mobiles, pay postpaid and broadband and also pay postpaid bills online.

How Can You pay with XPay.Life?

Just login to the portal, select the utility you have to pay, be it Electricity, water, gas, mobile recharge, landline, broadband etc. Then, select the operator you are taking the service from.We have a whole database of operators connected to our XPay.Life application from the Industry sectors like Electricity Board, Water board, dish TV recharge and many more.You can easily select the mode of payment and complete the process through the portal by clicking on “Pay Now” option.

Different Modes of Payment- Best feature

You can pay your bills online by accessing to www.XPay.Life website or Download the mobile application XPay-Life using UPI, credit and debit cards orfind a Kiosk that accepts credit cards, debit cards, cash and scans cheques and DD’s.

This is why is best in India as it provides a variety of payment modes for the comfort of the customer.

How XPay.Life is promising the most secure gateway for Online bill payment?

XPay.Life has sure made a unique identity amongst the many competitors in the world of application design and development. It has been successful in promising the users of their safety by inculcating the AMBIC model for security against cyber attacks, thefts, and threats. It has also been a much needed digital infrastructure for transparency.

Artificial Intelligence

Imbibing the technological advances like AI-based predictive analytics, automated process in business activities and the robotics secures the hash data management. Hence helping in maintaining the transparency during the bill payment process.


It provides an improved omnichannel interaction increasing the customer engagement around your brand. It also helps in real time data transfer. We have many operators linked with our website like Act Fibernet, Airtel broadband, Asianet broadband, Hathway broadband, BSNL broadband bill payment.

Blockchain is a digital gateway using blockchain empowered technology for stringent security. No external hacker or malware is capable of meddling with the data that is stored in a block. It is a transparent yet very secure technological advancement.

This is such a trustworthy portal that XPay.Life is accessible anywhere across the length and breadth of India. A friend in Tamilnadu recently said that she paid her TNEB electricity bill online through the XPay.Life website.


The Internet of things is used for the integration between structured and unstructured data and Iot data. It is basically using the Iot technology the website is made user-friendly and helps in authentication of the user.


All the interactions between the merchant and the user are made through the pervasive cloud and the computing and help in maintaining transparency of the business transaction from the beginning to the completion.

Hence the next time you want to pay your online water bill, worry not and immediately finish the job through the XPay.Life, the best and secure mobile application in India 2020.

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