Why you need customized packaging for your brand?

Smoking cannot be quitted once it is adopted. Government has taken many strict steps and run many campaigns in order to aware people from hazardous effects of smoking, but still people are stick towards this unnecessary habit. In fact, the ratio is increasing deliberately of smokers.

A smoker can create or find safer ways of smoking but cannot quit it. Smoking is adopted mostly by youngsters these days and a big reason behind it is a trend to show off by having classy cigarettes in your pocket. Some of the classy ways of smoking considered best now days are Vape, Cigars, Shisha and Electronic cigarettes. These are the most trending way of nicotine consumption. People used to do smoking to get relaxation as they claim that it gives them relaxation and many of them found cigarettes as their best friend. Cigarettes are no more gender specific as it was before. In early times, smoking was the masculinity symbol but now female also used to do smoking as, smoking has left with no boundaries.

Well! If we think like a smoker definitely we would like to have a product that is long lasting and effective. Traditional cigarettes have become an old trend as people are moving towards latest and trending products for smoking. Such as Cigar and vape. In old times, Cigar was considered as a royalty symbol as poets, business men and elite gatherings use cigars for smoking. The cigar was prized around the globe for its rich taste (flavor) and look.

A brief History of Cigar:

The most interesting thing about cigar is they are liked since 10th century by people. Archeologists have discovered an old Mayan pot and it was said that cigar was made in that pot that is tobacco was wrapped up in palm or plantain leave and them was smoked. Christopher Columbus was the first westerner who discover tobacco when he came to New World (America). The idea to consume tobacco was first introduced by local Indian. Columbus and his lieutenants quickly adopt that way by local Indians. Smoking become the popular way then in Spain and Portugal when they bring this idea back to their home country. Jean Nicot (French ambassador to Portugal) was the first who introduce Cigar in France and make it popular trend. After that many companies start investing in making Cigar of different shapes and sized in order to get popularity among consumers.

Due to the fertile and perfect land for tobacco, Cuba become popular location. By the middle of 19th century Americans were estimated to consume cigars approximately 300 million. Cigar was manufactured in bulk and all the way attractive to grab the customer’s attention. As smoking has become a latest trend to show off and to prove yourself cool and classy among your crew the ratio of smoking is increasing day-by-day.

Types of cigars:

When cigar was invented, an amount of people used to consume them and that’s why it becomes a trend among people. There are different types of cigars that are now available in market. All these cigars were named after some particular personalities or an event. As they are the sign of royalty and famous way of smoking among elite class, so people used prefer them. Some of the famous brand of Cigar are:

  • Corona
  • Lonsdale
  • Panatela
  • Churchill
  • Robusto

With the passage of time, safer and advanced ways of smoking invented. Even now people have an option of having nicotine or no nicotine in their smoking brand. Such as vape, as e-juices are now come with nicotine or no nicotine and depends upon customers that in what way they want them.

Customized packaging increases customer’s sale:

If you are aware of this particular quote that: Packaging is an effective and convenient way of marketing tool, you will must use customized packaging for your prod cut. It is true that packaging provides protection to your products, but it’s not for this purpose only. Packaging also plays an important and significant role in enhancing your market value. Also, it helps you to increase your customer’s sale as well. Once you came to know that how much packaging is important and have value, trust me! You will invest a lot form your budget to get customized packaging for your brand.  Also, these customized packaging boxes have custom shapes and styles so you can choose your way of packaging for Cigars.

Add-on features:

Some add-on features that you will find in customized packaging boxes are:

  • Coating gloss and matte
  • Spot UV
  • Die cutting that give attractive look
  • Perforation
  • Gluing
  • Gold/Silver foiling
  • Embossing
  • Outstanding printing solutions
  • Ink Raising

Moreover, you can have other add-ons of your desire, if you choose custom Cigar Boxes for your brand. You will see the difference between your past sales and present one, once you start using customized packaging for cigars. As a manufacturer, of you really want to make your cigars the famous one among market, you need in fact you must use personalized packaging.

Eco-friendly material:

You will be glad to know that material that is used to manufacture these customized cigarette boxes is totally eco-friendly and biodegradable. These materials are:

  • Cardboard material
  • Paper material
  • Kraft material
  • Corrugated material

If you really love nature and also as responsible citizen it is your duty to choose what is perfect for your product and environment both.

Why customized packaging is important for cigars?

Cigars cannot bear moisture or humidity as they get damaged in such environment. If you want to maintain your cigar’s taste and protect them form spilling due to environmental changes, you have to use rigid boxes or hinged lid boxes but they should be customized and from a reliable company. That’s why it is always advised to choose best for your product even if you have to invest little more form your budget because this little investment can take your brand on large scale.

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