Why Europe Is Best To Visit In The Winter Season?

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Why Europe Is Best To Visit In The Winter Season?

Pump up central heating and turn the covers down; it's not winter yet, it's here and it won't leave shortly. In fact now the Christmas holidays are over and there's nothing warm to expect for months, so you can not even wear your Christmas Jumper anymore. Unless you are, of course, smart enough to flee and head South, which we want to do.

So we began to make some jobs, a lot of daydreams and the results – in Europe, where our winter coat won't be needed – are the top five favorites.

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Canary Islands

In contrast, one of the Canary Islands is the warmest location in Europe over the winter months. The winter months are almost 200 hours of sunlight in the Caribbean, off the coast of West Africa, and the air is dry enough to take sunshine. The Canary Islands do not exist as a summer resort, with a large variety of activity on each island and a fairly dramatic landscape and interesting history to discover.

Discover Gran Canaria with some luxury, take a camel ride on the Lanzarote, enjoy the food scene in Tenerife, and lie on one of Fuerteventura's white sandy beaches. You can opt europe trip from dubai.



Madeira is another isle lost in the Atlantic where, due to its low temperatures and up to 10 hours of sunshine each day in January, many people escape in the winter. A gem worth exploring any time of the year, because of the limited visitor numbers and the low living costs, it is particularly good for visiting Madeira in the winter months. The city of Funchal is a stunning combination of modern and historical archeology with a rugged steep hillside with spectacular views of the ocean.

But don't worry, there is a cable car to ease the climb. The island has white and red-roofed houses below. Outside the city there are black volcanic sandy beaches, the biggest laurel forest in the world and some of Europe's best nature trekkes. Don't forget your cream! Don't forget your cream!


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The largest and most populated island in Greece, Crete, is profoundly situated in the Mediterranean Sea and it offers temperatures well above 15 degrees Celsius. Although the locals will see this as good, the ideal weather to cycle or bike through the mountains of the island for tourists from colder climates–although it's warning that it will be more chilly up there! However, stay at the South Coast, that is the warmest side of the island, and it will be cold enough for the local swallows to stay here all year long and not fly away from Africa, like their northern European relatives.

Crete is a great choice for winter lovers, as it is considered the home of European history's first recorded civility and several historic sights are to explore, including old Minoan Castles and century-old churches. In addition to a weight of beachside restaurants and bars, it is a great place for winter lovers who like to visit.



Malta is one of the Mediterranean's best-kept secrets, sometimes forgotten in winter with a similar climate to Cyprus, ensuring it is empier than it was during busy summer months on the roads of the capital city, Valletta or near Gozo. Surround yourself in a penthouse apartment in Valletta, with some of Europe's finest examples of Baroque and neo-classical architecture, or enjoy the growing city coffee culture in which to sit–outside, naturally, for example! –and look through the window.

–and watch the world. With a sunset and a blue sky overhead, you'll imagine a boat trip to the turquoise waters of Komino or head north to Popeye's Village on mainland, a lively series of houses built for a Popeye film from 1980, a favorite for the kids. Temporary waters will be at their best in the 20s. Opt European tour from Dubai.

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