Get Proper Knowledge of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

breast reconstruction surgery in India

Get Proper Knowledge of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

The mastectomy performed before a diagnosis of breast cancer causes an intensely disturbing emotional impact, due not only to the meaning of the disease, but also to the deprivation of an organ, whose symbolism has its origin in the first cultures of humanity and contains a value highly esteemed, at no time questioned.

The option of breast reconstruction, whether immediate or deferred, allows recovering the altered body image and also contributes to the restoration of psychological balance, altered by that event. The aesthetic satisfaction achieved that will affect the final recovery depends not only on the outcome of the surgical objectives, but also on cognitive and emotional variables. Such variables play a decisive role throughout the process initiated after diagnosis, so it is necessary to address both physical and psychological aspects of rehabilitation.

Why Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy?

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy is a decisive option that helps to reduce or avoid possible emotional disorders, due to the feeling of mutilation and aggression of the disease. This alternative is key in the development of the rehabilitative process since by allowing the possibility of recovering an adequate image, it prevents the loss of self-esteem and prevents negative emotions from taking hold of the mood and becoming chronic, at a time when such emotions They could negatively interfere with the restoration of health. This importance has been investigated in different studies that have confirmed the association between breast reconstruction and high patient satisfaction

Aesthetic Satisfaction makes you feel good

On the other hand, it is considered that the variable aesthetic satisfaction involves great complexity, which is determined not only by the objective results of the surgery, but also by the mental state of the patient. It should not be forgotten that it is very important to attend to aspects of both psychological and physical rehabilitation. For this reason, psychological intervention plays an important role and both types of treatment must be complementary.

Generally, the most frequent suggestions a woman hears when she is informed that she will need a mastectomy, focus on trying to relativize the consequences of the event she is going to face. Obviously, these assessments, formulated by the people around them, initially constitute an adequate way of trying to deal with the problem, made with the best intention, but they are not enough, so far from producing a calming effect, they can even contribute to creating greater concern.

On the contrary, when the problem is then addressed by admitting the emotional impact it generates, analyzing why it occurs and what its consequences will be, the conclusions probably lead to a coping style of the situation that implies the development of different strategies, by those affected and by those who treat them.

It is important to make clear that, in order to carry out a breast reconstruction surgery in India, it is necessary that there is a control of the disease both locally and systemically and an express desire of the patient to perform this surgery. For this and depending on the technique used in the mastectomy, the quality and quantity of remaining skin, the treatments to which it has been subjected, the age of the patient, the prognosis of the disease and the wishes of the patient, there are Several surgical options.

A healthy breast is the reason behind the confidence of a female. A women care a lot about her figure and her breast is one of the main aspects of her figure and beauty. However, after the breast cancer surgery, unfortunately they have to lose their breast size. Thus, the breast reconstruction surgery can help them to develop that confidence again.

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