Effect of Online App Reviews on the business revenue


Effect of Online App Reviews on the business revenue

Reviews are building block for making the online reputation for any product. It is also applicable to the applications. They are actually reflecting the words and thoughts of others about that particular product. It is obvious that every user likes to read app review before buying any product to know what others are saying. Many of the app developers sometimes neglect reviews and do not consider it as important. But the fact is that it is as important as air for life.


Points which makes app reviews important:

Genuine Response: Mobile App users are one of the best ways to get feedback in a genuine manner. It also provides a strong idea about how the app is performing in the real-time. This clears out the basic idea and needs of the user.


User Decision: Reviews makes the user tend to make the decision. The two main stores are Google Play store and App Store. About 80% people trust app rating and 90% of people read app reviews.


Conversion rate: When it comes about mobile app business, the overall revenue impacts the conversion rates. The mobile app reviews contribute to the Search Engine Optimization. There is a direct impact on the conversion rate. The app owners and app developers do not pay more attention to the third party platforms.


Number of app store review we need:

Now the question rises that how many numbers of reviews are actually required. Well, there is no fixed answer to these questions.

  • As an average online rating there is requirement of 60 reviews
  • For ranking of the application, 150 app reviews are enough
  • For gaming app, there is a requirement of 200 app reviews

Reasons Why People Like to Buy App Reviews

What about negative reviews?

About the negative reviews, the developer must focus on them and improve the app accordingly. Mind it sure that if your app is having so many negative reviews, it will defiantly leave a bad impression on the user. App developers must note that if you have only positive reviews, it may seem as fake to the user.


What is Buy App Reviews?

In simple language, it can be considered as purchasing of reviews. Take the service from the agency and they will write down reviews. This is defiantly a good idea and it also has an impact on your app ranking. Play store and App store defiantly give good ranking to the app which has good positive reviews.


Ways to Earn Revenue from the application:

  • Freemium: The free app revenue model of the Android and iOS apps can be considered as similar method i.e. in-app advertising.
  • In-App Advertising: The most popular revenue-generating trend is in-app advertising. This can be used by Android & iOS both.
  • Sponsorship: It is basically simply partnering with the advertiser for the applications. This gives the user some sort of rewards to the user. For example, if there is a game app then you can give the reward for unlocking the additional levels.
  • In-app purchasing: It includes the selling of digital elements. It is a great app monetization technique.In the gaming application, the end-users can also purchase extra lives.


We all know that why reviews are important for our product or applications. It is because it’s not only text but they also reflect the reputation of our app. Before downloading any application, users always check the reviews to know what others say about the application. It is obvious that nobody will give the review until and unless the user did not use the app. So what to do?? Here the solution comes about buying app reviews.

Last words:

App reviews must be treated with care. You must maintain a balance of negative & positive reviews. Other than this you must reply to those reviews which are negative and reply them from time to time. Kindly share your comment in the below section.

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