Broadband: How to choose the best internet for your family

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Broadband: How to choose the best internet for your family

It is not uncommon, when choosing a service, to have many questions about which one can bring the most benefits. So when it comes to choosing your broadband internet, such an important tool in everyday life, surely many questions would arise. After all, today, the whole world revolves around a good network connection, which is essential for communication, entertainment, information, and so many other things.


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If your intention is to know how to find the best type of service, pay attention! Here we will help you consider various possibilities, and thus choose the best broadband internet option for your home!


Broadband Internet

Before exposing all the options of this type of connection, first, it is important to know: after all, what is broadband internet?


Broadband internet is nothing more than technology that connects everyone with stable, high-speed providers. This is because the broadband signal is transmitted over fiber optic cables. This is the best internet connection system available not only in our country but worldwide.


Currently, in Brazil, being the most advanced type of connection, there are many companies that provide it. However, it is necessary to be aware: in the market, there are many companies that offer an unsatisfactory connection for high prices and that do not match the quality of service.


Therefore, always seek to hire a reliable company.


How to choose the best broadband?

First, you need to keep in mind what your goals are with this network. Will you use it to download many files? Need speed? These are the factors that count when choosing the best plan!


To calculate the speed and consumption you will use broadband internet, then, you need to think about what activities you plan to do with the network to be contracted. Each action to be performed uses a different amount of MegaBytes.



It must first be thought that there are types of speeds. One is the download speed, which is the data you receive. That is, visit websites, watch videos or series, receive emails and images. The other type is upload speed, which comes down to handling the data you upload, such as uploading files, uploading images and videos, accessing external servers, playing online, and more.


To know your family's need for broadband internet MBs, you need to know the connected activities that are commonly practiced in your home. This way, you will have a better sense of each other's consumption, and consequently, of the speed needed to be installed without the connection locking to anyone.


Consumption should be thought of according to the number of people who will use the connection and the speed their activities require. In a homestay with four people, for example, there are several activities that can be practiced on the net at the same time. While one son watches movies on Netflix, another plays online, and parents work on receiving emails. Yet at the same time, all mobile phones are connected by receiving messages and browsing social networks.


So, the right thing is to have a good internet plan, because the amount of Mb is crucial in the matter of speed and stability of the network. That is, the more Mb, the better the connection and faster access to the desired services.


In order not to get into trouble with the falling internet, one must then think about consumption as follows: knowing what each family member wants to do with the broadband connection. In this case, the minimum speed indicated is 100 Mb, so that you can practice several activities at the same time. And of course, no interruptions!


Now that you have a better understanding of how broadband works, its speed and its consumption, you are better able to do the math and find out what your family is doing. As a result, you'll also find out which one is the most cost-effective package for you!

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