Top 7 Habits You Need to Break for The Sake of Your Teeth

Habits You Need to Break for The Sake of Your Teeth

Top 7 Habits You Need to Break for The Sake of Your Teeth


Your teeth might look and feel tough… but they aren’t unbreakable. We know you likely rely on them to open packages, crush ice or open bottle caps but this type of behaviour has consequences. Similarly, your teeth shouldn’t be neglected, they require constant maintenance to continue being healthy and beautiful. The following are five habits that can directly or indirectly harm your precious chompers.

1. Multitasking While You Brush Your Teeth

It could seem tempting to brush your teeth while you are watching TV or sending a text, but the truth is, multitasking while you brush could prevent your teeth from the proper cleaning they deserve. When you brush your teeth, it requires your undivided attention. Be sure you apply the proper amount of pressure, but avoid being too rough or vigorous, and don’t forget to clean each tooth!

2. Dismissing Teeth Grinding

Do you have bruxism—unconscious teeth grinding or clenching during the night? Do not ignore this! If you are guilty of teeth grinding habits, it can wear out your teeth and cause the development of TMJ disorders. This condition can impair the function of your jaws.

3. Excessive Tooth-Picking

Do you always have a toothpick in your pocket? I mean after all, who knows when you will need one so it’s a good idea to carry them around, right? Well, technically yes. Toothpicks are an effective cleaning tool when used gently. However, if you are using a toothpick on a regular basis, it could lead to tooth damage. If you find that excessive tooth-picking is a habit you practice, ask yourself if it would be more beneficial to brush or floss instead when you have the urge to reach for this handy tool.

4. Excessive Teeth Whitening

While we all love a bright and white smile, some people are notorious for taking it to an unhealthy level. With the wide variety of teeth whitening products on the market, this cosmetic dental treatment has become a new addiction for some. Unfortunately, the consequence of this obsessive behaviour increases your risk of teeth sensitivity and gum irritation.

5. Brushing with a Hard-Bristle Toothbrush

Your dentist in Calgary will always recommend you use a soft-bristle toothbrush to brush your teeth. Why? When you brush your teeth with a hard-bristle toothbrush it can place too much force. Additionally, over brushing can harm your tooth enamel—which is the natural protective layer of your teeth and gums leading to more problems in the future.

6. Drinking Pop and Soft Drinks Regularly

We know that cracking open a cool cola, especially after a long day is a pleasurable experience. However, this should never be an everyday thing. Not just for the sake of your overall health, but for the sake of your oral health tooth. Sipping on these fizzy drinks interacts with the bacteria in your mouth forming acid. This acid then attacks your tooth enamel, which is the layer of your teeth and can weaken it through erosion. For this reason, over-consumption of soft drinks can lead to cavities and tooth decay.

7. Storing Your Toothbrush, The Wrong Way

It is always a good idea to wash your toothbrush after using it and store it in an upright position- or in a cup holder so that your bristle head is free from any contact and doesn’t run the risk of cross-contamination. Because moisture attracts bacteria, you should air-dry your toothbrush in an area with proper air circulation.

Lastly, never forget to schedule regular dental exams in Calgary. A dentist near you can help you maintain good oral health and provide prompt treatment when issues do arise.

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