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Laserlyte makes some of the most innovative and shooter friendly products available, totally revolutionizing the game for competition and defense-minded shooters. With a variety of laser sights that mount to trigger guards and forends and feature different modes depending on the situation, Laserlyte is definitely the authority on sights for reflexive shooting.

Laserlyte’s Lyte Ryder mounts easily onto almost any rail and is perfect not only for live situations but also for training. In training, a laser sight will help a new shooter gain confidence with his or her gun as well as giving a benchmark for athletically indicating the point of impact. That will also help the shooter learn to bridge the gap between the points of aim and impact. A laser sight will also help the shooter get the gun on target quickly especially in low light situations. Laser sights save time, enabling the shooter to find the target more quickly, and get the gun back on target more quickly for faster follow up shots. For recoil sensitive shooters, this can be an absolute game-changer. Anyone sensitive to recoil will be wasting time lining up iron sights after every shot, and in competition shooting and especially in defense situations this is a critical concern.

Laserlyte also offers boresighting products like LTPRE laser trainer and the LT-40 laser trainer cartridge. Both of these products will save you time getting on paper in the event that your sights are so misaligned they need actual adjustments prior to shooting. This is not often the case but when it is a boresight is helpful and can be used with equal efficacy as a training resource.

So now that you’re ready to invest in Laserlyte Products For Sale like the Lyte Ryder for training and practical purposes, and there’s only one place to go. G4G Guns has not only the Laserlyte products for sale that you need but every other accessory under the sun that you’ll need for a day at the range and everything you’ll need to clean up afterward. From ammunition and targets to lubricant, solvent, and brushes, G4G Guns is a one-stop-shop for those looking for shooting resources. Not only will you find Laserlyte products for sale, but you’ll also find all the accessories necessary for your competitive or pleasure shooting, oftentimes right on the same page as the product you were looking at.

But it gets better than that because G4G Guns doesn’t just stock shooting supplies. We shooters are often also hunters and fishermen, and as much as we need shooting supplies we sometimes need archery equipment, game calls, knives, and tackle. More often than not we need to trek all over to get a few essentials because the right gear is rarely all in one place, but with G4G Guns, you’ll find all you need for your outdoor pursuits in one convenient place at even more convenient prices, and all with the comfort of shopping at home. Head to G4GGuns.com today and see what you’ve been missing.




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