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Top 5 kitchen hacks for your kitchen

A small home represents an opportunity and challenge alike, it is the place you are to soon call, high-maintenance as well as warm and cozy. Small spaces need custom-built solutions, solutions tailored for you and your home.

In order to help you in your interior designing endeavors, we have curated this small kitchen hacks. Get quick ideas of how you can make space in your kitchen and how you can best utilize every space available.

Accentuate your home, enhance your kitchen and enjoy the coziness and warmth of your small home in full comfort with the small hacks that follow.


Going for a single rather than double-bowl sink can save you a foot or more of counter space and is a great small kitchen hack. Small-scale single-bowl sinks come in a variety of styles.



Have a slender bit of blank wall? Don’t make do with a calendar or artwork hanging up there! Make the most of the available space by mounting rows of racks on the wall from floor to ceiling. The use of towels to drape over a bar, using S-hooks to hang kitchen tools and installing a magnetic knife rack can help utilize space in a small kitchen. The same idea works equally well for pots and pans, don’t stop at one row! install a hanger for your utensils. This helps it dry quicker and frees up cabinet space.
Tech-tidbit: Such hangers are called ‘mid-landing accessories, which are typically installed between the wall unit and the base unit.



It may seem trivial, but in a really narrow small kitchen, it’s easy to knock into hardware’s like knobs and handles. This is a great small kitchen hack as you can keep things looking sleek by choosing slender, minimalist pulls. High-gloss cabinets and proper lighting also help open up a tight kitchen as seen in the image below.


Why stop in the middle when you can reach up to the ceiling? In a small kitchen space, it’s more important to create space and if you have the vertical space then make the best use of it! It will be difficult to use the ceiling cabinets, so you can use it to store things which are not used regularly. As far as reaching up the ceiling is concerned we can always use the stairs to reach the height.



Just when you thought there was nowhere else to add storage in a small kitchen… voila! A freestanding corner Étagère which literally translates to ‘shelf’ will slot nicely and adds an interesting tiered storage to an otherwise unused space and will make every corner count! 

Here’s What some of our homeowners have asked us

How can I increase storage in my small kitchen?

These small kitchen storage ideas will help you maximize space and create a better kitchen hack. The freestanding shelves, which are great for storing the everyday kitchen items you reach for often, and pierced corbels to hang the utensils you may not have room for inside your drawers.  You can consider rethinking your cramped set-up altogether and installing custom cabinetry that includes pull-out drawers and additional shelving. Reaching to the top ends of the kitchen can also be difficult. With Smart Swing Down Shelves from Würfel. you can reach these ends with ease and create more space while your kitchen looks clean and sleek.


How do I maximize my kitchen storage?

To really fix your kitchen storage issues, you’ll want to find the unused areas hiding in your kitchen and incorporate some truly clever organizers. A great kitchen hack is Installing a wall mounded pot rail, utilizing over the sink space and re-evaluating the storage space under your sink are all very apt ways to maximize your small kitchen storage.

Where should you store things in a small kitchen?

There are a few things to keep in mind while thinking of storing accessories in a small kitchen. You can store appliances you use daily on the counter and those that you use weekly in bottom cabinets. Appliances you rarely use can be stored in a storage space, like a pantry to make space in a small kitchen.

How can I make the most of my small kitchen?

Switch all your cabinets to drawers to gain maximum usability of the available area. Drawers allow easy access to every item, unlike cupboards, which require rummaging and can result in a cluttered cooking space as things pile up while you find time to make space on their bulging shelves in a small kitchen. An undermount sink saves countertop space and allows for a flat draining area that can be used as a second surface. A single inset sink is another option for small kitchens. Don’t assume that big is better when it comes to kitchen appliances. It’s possible to find smart styles designed for small kitchen spaces and you won’t have to sacrifice precious storage to shoehorn them in as a great small kitchen hack.


How should I arrange my kitchen counters?

It’s time to bring back the hanging fruit basket! This modern-farmhouse style brings a dose of Fixer Upper vibes to your small kitchen, even if you don’t own an inch of shiplap. This will help clear your counter of fruit baskets! Paper towels shouldn’t be taking up precious inches of counter real estate; stash them on top of the fridge or cabinets, or hang them from a holder attached to a wall. You can store sugar, dry pasta, candy, or practically anything else in these appealing glass containers.

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