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When you need to find functional, accurate replicas of surplus firearms that have become too hard to find or too expensive for that matter, you look through the tanks of Century Products For Sale. Century Arms has manufactured impressive reproductions of popular and sometimes difficult to find rifles such as SKS rifles, the AK-47 and Mausers among others.

Beyond their excellent reproductions, they manufacture some other really awesome and interesting guns such as their lever action and sidelock shotguns. Though not necessarily collectible, it can be difficult for the modern sportsman to find guns with these action styles, and Century Arms is a reliable supplier of such things. That’s not even to mention their other sporting rifles and handguns, equally impressive as their reproduction work and just as versatile. So when you’re shopping for Century products for sale, go with G4G Guns for unparalleled selection and awesome prices.

At G4G Guns you will find some of Century Arms excellent reproductions like their C39V2, a reproduction of the AK-47 with a chrome-moly nitride coated barrel and a walnut stock. Built around the 7.62x39mm, this rifle is authentic, functional and reliable. Whether destined for a collection or for the fun it will bring you at the range, this is one reproduction that is sure to please. For similar performance with a bit more versatility is Century Arms’ VSKA M4 rifle, also built around the 7.62x39mm.

If you need a functional handgun, then look no further than Century’s TP9SFx Canik. This gun is innovative, versatile, dependable and capable. It has an excellent mix of all these qualities, utilizing the 9mm cartridge with a capacity of 20+1. It also offers a Picatinny rail under the barrel for the inclusion of accessories like lights or laser sights, although the tactical sights that come with the gun are perfect for quick target acquisition and alignment. It also comes with two magazines, a holster and cleaning accessories. For a dependable handgun built around a versatile cartridge with plenty of capacity, you can’t do much better than the TP9SFx.

When you shop G4G Guns for Century products for sale, you won’t just find these popular models; you’ll find many other popular models from Century arms such as other reproductions and innovative new models. Additionally, G4G Guns maintains a full line of accessories for the use and care of your firearms. When you finally purchase a new gun you’ve been wanting for some time, you can find not only the absolute necessities at G4G Guns like ammo to go with it, but magazines, holsters, slings, optics, and other rail accessories. Moreover, you’ll find cleaning solvents and patches and brushes that you’ll need for cleanup after spending lots of brass. Oftentimes, you can find the accessories compatible with a given gun right from a portal on the very page the gun is listed on. It’s not only easy to use but convenient as well. To take a look through their impressive catalog of Century products for sale, visit G4GGuns.com today.




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