Exchange Server Mailbox Backup and Restore

The Best Way to Backup Mailbox From Exchange Server Database

It is useful to create backup of Exchange Server Mailbox to retrieve data in case of database corruption. Check out the best and efficient method to backup files from Exchange Server Easily

Exchange Server is composed of several user mailboxes and each mailbox has an individual's account data. Thus it is a wide platform that stores several MS Exchange accounts and manages them. Database Administrators manage these user mailboxes and ensure that the mailboxes does not face any error because any issue in Exchange database is harmful to user mailboxes. 

So, If the database gets corrupt and the files are not available the one method is to use Exchange Server Recovery tool and the other is restoring data from backup. Backup of Exchange database is recommended as it restore files in same order as they were previously stored. So, the question arises how to backup mailbox in Exchange server that is effective and ensure proper recovery. Most of the users recommend Windows Server Backup Tool. This method is good if the size of the Exchange database is less, else you can try the NT Backup method.

Backup Mailbox in Exchange Server with NTBackup Utility

  • From the Start menu, type run and launch the 'Run' window or simply press Window Key + R
  • Now in the run window type ntbackup and click OK
  • Backup Utility Window will open, click on the 'Backup' tab
  • Click on Backup Wizard (Advanced) and the computer directory will open
  • On the left side, expand the Microsoft Exchange Server option
  • Now click on the user mailbox name and expand it
  • Here, select the 'Microsoft Information Store', 'First Storage Group' and 'Second Storage Group'
  • Checkmark the 'System State' option and Mailbox Database on right side
  • Once, the selection is made, expand the Local Disk D drive button
  • Move to Microsoft folder and select Exchange Server and all sub-folders under it
  • This is the completion of selection process, now we need to specify the destination where to save the backup file
  • In backup destination select drive and then click on Browse button, select the folder to save BAK file
  • Click on Start backup button and a new window will open
  • Here select 'Replace the data on the media with this backup' and then click on 'Start Backup' option
  • The backup process will start and it will be stored in the destination with bkf extension

So, this is the free method to take backup of  Exchange Server Mailbox manually. But as it has been seen, this method requires lots of steps and their no surety that all the files will be moved. To avoid such a possibility Exchange Mailbox Backup Software is used. This professional software is very easy to use and ensures quick backup of files.

Features of Exchange Server Mailbox Backup Software

Backup Schedule Manager: The software comes with a schedule manager feature that let DBA's or Exchange Administrator's to schedule the time and date for database backup. Users also get the option to receive notification via email after successful database backup.

Full or Incremental Backup: The Exchange Server Mailbox Backup Tool gives options for Full backup or incremental backup. If you have taken database long back then use the Full backup mode or if the backup is taken recently then choose incremental backup to save changed or added data.

Bare Metal Backup: Take backup of the operating system volume along with Exchange Database files with 'Bare Metal Backup' option. This let's to restore files in case of disaster recovery as system files are available to execute the backup process smoothly.

Restore from Backup: The Exhange Server Backup tool is helpful in taking backup of files and then restoring them manually without any error. Data that is stored by software can be restored in the form of PST/ EML and MSG format.

Log Reports: The software also keep track of records and activities performed by user in log reports. This report can be saved in CSV/ PST/ PDF or HTML format.

So, Exchange Mailbox Backup Tool performs all functions that are required by Database Administrators and it also repairs files to provide error-free EDB file. Try the Exchange Database Backup software for storing files. 

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