Seven things to Remember While Doing A Mobile Bill Payment Online

Online Bill Payment through XPay Life. You can make faster, easier and secure payment for all multi-utility bills such as Electricity, Gas, Water, Postpaid Mobile bill, Landline, Broadband, DTH Recharge become easier with XPay Life.

Technology has sure affirmed its significance in society through its undoubtedly strong rooting in the every-day tasks. After the smartphone penetration into society, phones have replaced books, long queues, TV time, outdoor games and the bill payment sector. Even though reducing the outdoor games is disadvantageous, the bill payment sector us sure to be advantageous in every aspect. The scorching sun and fatigued bodies are the last things on mind. Hence the mobile bill payment online has received a huge success rate as it is efficient, less-time consuming and offers to pay bills at the comfort of your home or from the middle of a party.

But there are some rules to be followed while making an online payment even to pay water bill. The market is filled with cut-throat competition amongst the best mobile payment service provider. Each one is luring prospective customers with lucrative offers and cashbacks. But, before you jump into a conclusion, you need to verify, analyze and then take a further stp to choose the best.

Bill payments are a necessity, for the continuous supply of electricity, water, DTH, broadband etc. Hence for these bill payments to be paid in time, the NPCI and BBPS have come up with the UPI payment structure that helps in integrating different banks, billers, service providers and customers. XPay.Life is one such establishment that is expanding the bill payment service by providing a full spectrum of payment modes such as through web, app. Kiosk, POS machine, and Mobile Vans. The Kiosk is XPay.Life USP accepts cash as a payment mode.

According to recent research, 71% of the urban bills including Broadband bill online are paid electronically and hence it is sure that people are mostly getting accustomed to the raging technological advancements.

Do’s For Online Bill Payment

Is it Secure?

Security is of the major concern with all the payments have gone online and the invisible technology of how money gets transferred through mobile is still a haze to many. But they are more concerned about the hacking and loss of money during the transfer. AS a solution to this problem, XPay.Life has built its software with the most secure technology known as blockchain technology which is resistant to the change and fraud. So that, online landline bill payment can be done without any hassles.

High-quality interface:

The interface you are using to pay the bills must be user0-friendly, proving you proper navigation to the desired areas with brief descriptions and catchy icons. This is bound to make you feel more connected to technology as it provides the ease to make online payments.

Good Customer Service: A product’s success is also defined on the strength and instant availability of the customer service who are very good with the technical knowledge.

Pay attention to the reviews and select the best service for yourself. 

Pay Attention While registering: How good would it be to pay your bills without registering or login. XPay.Life has given the provision to pay any utility bill or to pay electricity bill without login. This is helping people to just fill in the customer ID, fetch the bill and pay the amount online.


After filling out the customer ID, verify from which mode you are going to make the payment.

Protect your password

Any mobile payment app will have OTP or password to log in. Be careful to protect and not share your passwords with anyone.

Check For Discounts:

What better way to pay your bills with discounts. Search for the best discounts without compromising on security. Cashbacks are lucrative but security is more important during a financial transaction.

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