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Tablet Repairs Ottawa: Same-Day Service | Rcp Plus

Tablets have become the new must-have devices of the century over the past few years. Most smartphone users opt for the more convenient size of a tablet instead of an actual laptop or desktop for the sake of this convenience. Gone are the days where students and professionals would tot around their bulky laptops to and from work. Instead, these tablets have become just as efficient, if not better, at all the functions of a regular computer yet they offer much more portability convenience.

Just like any other gadget, tablets are just as prone to damages or performance issues during normal usage. The bigger screen of the tablet also makes it much more prone to screen damage hence you’ll need a reliable expert for your Tablet repairs in Ottawa. Picking out the first service provider that you come across might not be such a good idea. Instead, consider these following few factors before making your pic;

  • Service Speed

Seeing as how the tablet is such an essential part of daily life and activities, any repairs must, therefore, be carried out within very short periods to avoid inconveniences that may come with service delays. Same day service is therefore ideal if you need your tablet for important activities. Some service providers such as Rcp Plus even go as far as to offer repair-as-you-wait services for tablet repairs in Ottawa.

  • Service Fees

Since tablets are much bigger than regular smartphones and often have much more functionality, repair fees tend to be a bit costly. It is therefore ideal to find a reliable yet affordable repair service provider who can fix your tablet at an affordable fee without taking you off-budget. You may want to compare one or two repair service providers to determine which one best suits your budget.

  • Service Expertise

While many repair service providers in Ottawa claim to be capable of performing tablet repairs, only a few can deliver on that promise. Make it a point to sniff out exactly how good your selected repair team is at its job. If you’re feeling bold, you can even walk in and ask to see the qualifications of the team handling your repair needs. Another indirect yet efficient way of checking on the service expertise of a provider is to simply check out the customer reviews. Previous clients an easily tell you how good or bad the repair service provider is at the job.

  • Extras and Bonus Services

Anyone who has ever owned it Support several different gadgets knows how easy it is to lose track of passwords and pins. It’s therefore quite important and very convenient to have a repair team that can also offer additional services such as phone unlocking. Your dealer can even be a good source of unlocked cell phones in Ottawa. This way, you know that you have a one-stop-shop for all your smartphone needs and you are guaranteed to be dealing with an already trusted team.

Fast Phone Repair Service

We do same-day repairs for most cell phone problems. We can have your cell phone screen replaced the same day. Our skilled technicians are well trained in all manner of cell phone repairs. Your phone will be taken care of and returned to you in perfect working order once we are done with the repairs.

Trade, Buy & Sell A Smartphone

As a licensed second hands goods dealer, we trade, buy and sell new and used smartphones. During a trade and selling, Rideau Cell Phone will assess your device’s condition and give a quote. You must be ready to present you ID, and proof that you own the device. We also sell new phones, which you can buy in our downtown Ottawa location.

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