Dead Island 2, Now In The Hands Of Its Fourth Studio, Is Still Shambling Onward

Dead Island 2, Now In The Hands Of Its Fourth Studio, Is Still Shambling Onward

The development of Dead Island 2 has been a tumultuous process with hands that change the game more than once, but like the zombies that players will eventually find in it, the game is still very much alive crawling towards its launch. It is an important continuation of the series for anyone who has enjoyed the first dead island and, according to distributor and publisher Koch Media, the brand is also "very important" to them. Dead Island 2 is still in process, and Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz says it will be an "amazing zombie game."

Kundratitz spoke with about the company's commitment to its classic and established series when the inevitable questions about Dead Island 2 arose. THQ Nordic and Koch Media have confirmed in the past that Dead Island 2 is real and really happening to reassure Fans who were worried about the ads that said the game once again had a new studio monitoring it. When asked if developments like these have broken Dead Island 2's expectations, the business executive joked that this can be his favorite question before reiterating however vital the Dead Island series is for the company.

The initial revelation trailer for Dead Island 2 was more comical than the revelation trailer for the first game that set the world of videogames on fire in 2011. Unfortunately, the game was released mostly to mixed reviews. It is not clear if Dead Island 2 continues with that more comical direction since the state of the game has probably changed several times since its initial revealing advance. The original team that worked on the first Dead Island, as well as the independent expansion Dead Island: Riptide, Techland, moved to the Dying Light series, more welcome, which will be launched later this year.

In a THQ Nordic investment report, the company revealed that the title is still in process, but is changing developers once again, this time to Dambuster Studios. THQ Nordic owns Koch Media, the parent company of the Deep Silver publishing house of Dead Island 2. With this change of address, it seems that a release date for Dead Island 2 could still be far away.

Some Dead Island 2 games appeared in 2014 on Gamescom, and although the game seemed solid in the visual aspect, it seemed to be a technical disaster that was still far from complete. The original Homefront was a relatively well-received standard first-person shooter with a multiplayer community that finally died out. The sequel Homefront: the Revolution received negative reviews in all areas after opting for a more open-world-style game that was poorly created compared to other shooter titles in the market.

With all that in mind, things don't look good for Dead Island 2. In general, titles that experience long and strenuous development cycles are not always the best. Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever are good examples of products that were trapped in the hell of development for many years. Of course, there are always outliers with anything, but since Dead Island 2 has jumped between three developers and is in its fifth year without a specific launch date or window, it is hard to imagine that the game is more than decent.

So that's where the game is now. Hopefully, with the game developed by the people of Deep Silver, it will stay where it is and be completed. The first reports had the game established in several places in California, but it is not known how much things have changed (or have not changed) through this complicated process. With the next-generation consoles that will arrive in 2020, that could produce a good launch window for the much-delayed title. See more news about: Dead Island 2, Now In The Hands Of Its Fourth Studio, Is Still Shambling Onward Please visit my site.

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