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Custom pillow boxes are the best option in this context. You can get custom pillow box packaging in custom shape, size, and layout.

This year will be the year of pillow boxes:

When it comes to the beauty of the product, pillow boxes are the best solution when you need to add beauty to the product packed inside. Moreover, pillow boxes are best to provide a flawless and suitable hold to products like soaps, apparels, gift as well as cosmetics, and so on. Furthermore, your pillow boxes will help in luring people when they come to special gatherings or the customers in the retailer shop. Apart from that, Pillow Boxes Wholesale Australia come in different colours and styles. Besides, many companies are offering the opportunity of making your pillow boxes of your choice. In this way, you can get the boxes according to your imaginations.

Use pillow boxes to make your events unforgettable:

Moreover, many packaging firms are now making pillow boxes as the demand for these boxes has increased these days. The question is, how you would get the boxes that will make your product distinctive from other brands? Custom pillow boxes are the best option in this context.  You can get custom pillow box packaging in custom shape, size, and layout.

Moreover, you can get favour pillow boxes for your wedding and add different eatables or gifts for your guest. It will help in making your guests happy as well as make your special day splendid and unforgettable. Apart from that, pillow boxes are considered to be the best for multiple occasions like Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, etc.

Types of pillow boxes:

Undoubtedly, pillow boxes come in different types. You can get the type which you think will work best for your product or for the event you are going to use it for. Given below are some types of pillow boxes:

  • Window pillow boxes
  • Pillow Kraft paper pillow boxes
  • Corrugated pillow boxes
  • Handle pillow boxes
  • Hang tab pillow boxes
  • Luxury pillow boxes
  • Gift pillow boxes
  • Personalised pillow boxes
    • Window pillow boxes:

Pillow boxes with window provide an incredibly bewitching look to the boxes. Moreover, there are two types of window available.

  • Die-cut window
  • PVC window

Die-cut window provides a tangible effect on the product. It helps in looking for the box, which is a plus point for customers. You can touch the product from inside because there is no plastic sheet or any coverage in this type of window.

Moreover, PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride sheet. It is a type of window which contain plastic sheet coverage. In this way, it provides a shield which protects the product from outside harm.

  • Pillow Kraft paper pillow boxes:

Kraft paper pillow boxes with rounded edge and expandable space provide a great display. These boxes come in every shape and size from small to medium and large. Even though Kraft material is an eco-friendly material and is recyclable, it provides complete protection to the product. Apart from that, pillow Kraft paper boxes are made of high-quality Kraft paper that is strong enough to protect the product from outside elements.

  • Corrugated pillow boxes:

Corrugated pillow boxes are best to protect the products which are delicate and fragile. Moreover, e-flute corrugated pillow boxes are best for the favour, candy and jewellery gifts boxes.  These boxes come in vibrant colours which gives a beautiful and colourful effect on the boxes.

  • Handle pillow boxes:

Pillow boxes with handle provide ease in carrying the products. Moreover, it gives an enchanting look to the packaging at the same time. Also, you can get these boxes in any shape and size to carry small to large size items. Furthermore, these boxes are highly in demand because of their easy access in handling. Similarly, you can use these boxes for gift purposes as well with innovative designs.

  • Hand tab pillow boxes:

Hand tab pillow boxes are unique in style, and their features separate them from ordinary boxes. Moreover, these boxes are a reliable source for the promotion of your product. Apart from that, hand tab boxes do not need any hard surface for placing the box. Besides, it contains a punch hole which allows for hanging the product anywhere in the retail store.

  • Luxury pillow boxes:

Luxury pillow boxes provide a more unusual and attractive packaging, hence is best among all the types of the pillow boxes. You can use these boxes for gift purposes as well as favour boxes for different events. Moreover, because of its everlasting charm, people love to use luxury pillow boxes for sweets, candies and other products which you can use on different occasions like wedding, birthdays, Christmas and Halloween etc.

  • Gift pillow boxes:

Pillow boxes because of its unique styles are best for wrapping gifts. Moreover, you can decorate it further with colourful ribbons, bows, laces, stickers, etc. furthermore, it will grab people’s attention when presented in a group of people. Moreover, you can print any quotation or special text according to the event you are going to present it for.

  • Personalised pillow boxes:

One of the most demanded pillow boxes are personalised pillow boxes. It is because you can get these boxes in exceptional and imaginative looks by giving your ideas if you have any related to the boxes. Moreover, many brands are working successfully with the personalisation in their pillow boxes. Furthermore, you can check the size from sample boxes which companies already have to help you identify the right shape and size for your product.

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