Reasons Why You Should Create a Course

An online course? Any Bob, Dick and Harry have one these days. Some may consider that easy money.

An online course? Any Bob, Dick and Harry have one these days. Some may consider that easy money. Who would say "No" to that? There are multiple reasons why people create online courses, many would view it as an extra source of income and that's perfectly fine reason to do so. Many people would fancy themselves an expert at something they're passionate about and making the idea of making money from our passion seems to be where many hearts would look to as a guiding north star.

"Making online courses is dead" is that what I hear? I agree with you but at the same time don’t agree with you at the same time. We're not going to beat around the bush but there are plenty of terrible online courses out there but there are plenty of good courses too; that makes a difference and what makes it a meaningful pursuit. So I'm going to stop waffling on and get to the meat and potatoes of this topic. 

  1. Money, Money, Money!  

Just in case I haven't made this point clear enough: MONEY. Let's start with the main point. You can make money from this endeavor! You won’t typically come across someone that does anything for free so why should you when it comes to sharing your knowledge and expertise about something you're passionate about. Besides, who in their right mind would say no to free money?  

Making money out of a subject that you’re passionate about or at the very least an expert of is honestly a dream come true. You have the potential to just go above simply just getting by on the bare minimum after you pay all your bills. I'm sure for many that would be a welcome change of pace in their lives. Many online course instructors have already given up their regular, day jobs in exchange for focusing on creating online courses. Marketing is also not that hard as there’s an option to give out free Udemy courses to willing students to try out and when it kicks off, you can start earning money immediately.

2 . You Are Passing On The Torch To The Next Generation

As sappy as it sounds, it's quite true. Whether you create online courses on Web Design, Writing, Photography or Snake Milking (it's an actual job). The knowledge you pass on whatever the subject is will be the stepping stones for the next generation of experts. This makes whatever you’re earning more meaningful!

The majority of the online course instructors have reported that they get a sense of fulfillment just from the fact alone that they know they are helping others understand lessons that are quite hard to share. Many of the students that you will get are struggling college students or are working parents who still want to get a degree to improve their and their kids’ standard of living.

3 You Can Work In The Comfort Of Your "X" 

The great thing about this pursuit you don't have to drag yourself out of bed, into the shower and rush to make it on time to catch the train for your 8 am shift. When you become an online course instructor, you can literally work in the comfort of your home or where you feel most comfortable and productive. Ernest Hemingway, one of the most renowned writers of his time, writes naked, standing up, with the typewriter at waist level.

I’m pretty sure that is one thing that you can’t do in an office set up...or you can but then you get fired the next minute. As an online course instructor, you will most likely be producing content from the comfort of your own home, on your laptop, in bed, with a mug of hot cocoa, protected from one of the biggest stressors of mankind: traffic.

4  Work At Your Own Pace

With online courses, you won’t have a boss breathing down your neck every minute pressuring you to finish your deliverables immediately. You can work at your own pace. Most of the online course creators create their courses around their work schedule. You don’t have to worry about monthly deliverables or any unattainable goals set by your irate manager. 

You also won’t have a clock to remind you whether you’re working too little or too much. As an online course creator, you work with your own schedule. You’re the boss and you determine just how much or how little you work in a day. 

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