Is Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Cheating? Here’s How To Know!

Is Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Cheating? Here’s How To Know!

As reported by dating site recent study, about a half of relationships are being affected by cheating. This is truly so sad, but unluckily an increased number of relationships are calling it quits over one partner being dishonest in the relationship. If you need to understand in which way to nab a cheater, here is such a simple method to finding out if your partner is behaving in an unfaithful manner.

It is not hard to do and you can know in under 2 hours once you start. To make it simple we have broken this down into 3 steps.

First Step For You To Do:

Okay this is the tough part, you have to get a hold of your partners prized cell phone without them knowing. You should only have to use it for about 10 or so minutes or this should not be that difficult to manage.

Some things you could try to do this would be: send him to the store and hope he does not remember his phone, wait until they are luxuriating in a bath, or of course wait until they are catching some Zs. Be smart enough to take the phone to a different room in the house. You pick the moment to do this though you know your partner best.


Now, you need to search their call logs for all outgoing and incoming communications that have happened.

Write down all the phone numbers that you find on these lists. Even if there are numerous calls this should only take you about 10 minutes ? then return the phone to the place it was.


In this third and final step you will discover if you have a reason to worry about your relationship.

There is no time like the present to find out who belongs to the phone numbers your partner has been calling or conversing with. This step will allow you to locate the person’s name to each number.

To receive information on any phone owner, you will have to look it up in what is called a reverse phone look up. This is actually the secret to catching a cheater.

The usage of the reverse phone look up allows the retrieval of the person’s details that owns the number. Name, background info, and address of the person can be located.

You need to pay for a membership in a service that performs reverse phone look up. This service does not cost very much money. Be careful though and join one that is only a one-time membership charge with unlimited look up amounts. This is more economical than paying for each search separately.

Yes you got it ? do a reverse look up on each number you made a list of and copy the details down. As you are running the search on the numbers, pay attention to the list and see if the names or call activity start being suspicious. If something smells a bit FISHY it will stand out big time.

The method described here is an easy way to trap a cheater and check out if your girlfriend, spouse, or boyfriend is cheating on you with someone else. It is a powerful and simple way of finding out the truth on if your significant other is cheating on you.

Luckily, most guys don’t hide their indiscretions very well and leave myriad signs that they’re on the prowl behind your back. Trust your instincts and if you feel certain that he’s messing around, show him the door and get on with your life.

He’s cheating on you

Don’t be a sucker; if all signs point to infidelity, don’t wait until you have the smoking gun before taking off. Wasting your time waiting for solid proof is useless, especially if your suspicions are beginning to ruin your relationship anyway.

The last thing you want is to end up on Maury and discover that not only is he cheating, but he fathered 7 children in 6 other states.

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