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Astrology is art which is present from ancient times and goes way beyond the scope of your personal horoscope.

Astrology is art which is present from ancient times and goes way beyond the scope of your personal horoscope. Some people may think of it as a myth, but the rotations and specific position of celestial bodies do have a big impact on your career, love life, relationships, mood, business, work life, family and much more than you can think of.
Understanding the relative positions and patterns of the planets in the universe can give you a hint or a clue you need to navigate your life, making it happier and rewarding experience.
A large part of being an astrologer is to study the (movement or transits) and (relationship or aspects) of the planets and use them to forecast on how will a persons life will change accordingly and which type of impact he will have because of that situation which can be positive, negative or neutral.
With all the knowledge spent on reading the birth chart which tells us about the position of planets these astrological events will help us to understand the current situation or opportunities and react to it in a best possible way.
These are some basic characteristics which are imparted by different planets-
The basic step in reading horoscope is to know your Sun Sign, it is nothing but the location of Sun in the zodiac at the time of your birth. Every astrological sign has its own positive or negative impacts or let’s say strengths and weaknesses, personality, compatibility with other zodiac signs and traits of a person.
About Sun Sign
It represents your basic essence and vitality. It is all about how you experience your ego and the traits in your sun sign will speak of the qualities you are embodying.
About Moon Sign
It represents your emotional nature and the instincts you have in everyday life. It is how you feel nourishment and safety. It is the need to feel fulfilled.
About Rising Sign
It is called the ‘Ascendant’ its what we like to call the “front page of the book”. It reveals the qualities you like to show to other people upon first impression. But it does not give the required information on how you approach the world.

The royal treatment continues, Leo! You still have the glorious power of Jupiter in your sign for the first half of the 2015, so go ahead and rock that joie de vivre that you rock so well. As sad as it may seem to part ways with the generous abundance of the big jovial planet in your sign this summer, you can take comfort knowing that the second half of the year will bring you luck and abundance in the financial department. It's a win-win all the way around for you this year, Leo. The other positive shift is Saturn finally moving out of the basement of your horoscope after a few years of family sludge. You've had your fill of the heavy feeling in your gut that showed up at the end of 2012 and has found a way to both anchor if not depress you for the past few years. Family, domestic issues or loss that have weighed heavy are starting to lift now. The new phase of Saturn is bringing attention to your house of pleasure, love and creativity. Now that's not a bad thing to take seriously. It's also your house of children, so if you've been considering having a child or giving birth to a new creative project, this could be the year that you truly commit your time and energy to making it a reality. 

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