Top 5 reasons why you should blog

Top 5 reasons why you should blog

This post might look a bit odd but I am trying to share my views on blogging. This might inspire some to start blogging and for some fresher’s motivation to blog more and not stop. I don't know but if you don't have the ability of blogging, and you run your blog then you get failer. So first you should start to read other's rb_blog and observe what they write in their blog. Notice which things people read more on the internet, for example, the young generation likes to read of Pubg pc game so you should start to write your blog about the Pubg pc game or other topics on Pubg and attract the reader to your blog by your article. Now, let’s have a look at some of the reasons that I feel blogging is full of benefits



I know many of my fellow bloggers will agree that blogging is purely a database of knowledge. You share something which you know or something’s that you are good at, this lets someone gain knowledge from it. When you start blogging you don’t only look up into your blog but even into several other rb_blog, if not due to passion but certainly to keep track. Now when you do this, surely you will learn something new which helps you gain some more knowledge. I can proudly say that I have gained a little more knowledge than I had before becoming a blogger.


Improves Your Language:

From childhood schooling, we are thought that the more you read and write, the more you will improve your language. So, I guess you will agree that blogging is a continuous process of reading and writing which means you will improve your language. Keep In mind that if you blog in a language other than your mother tongue it will be of much better use.

Always make notes of what you are gonna write about and expand them. Use custom sticky notes in your workplace/room and make notes of whatever you are gonna write. This will improve your language dramatically.


You get socially connected:

Yeah, this is also one of the reasons that you should start blogging. When you start blogging you become more popular and you make more friends i.e. you increase your contacts... I have always been helped by my fellow bloggers in development.


You can grow your business:

If you are into business, blogging is a great platform to develop your business. Blogging is an excellent medium to get instant feedback on your products and even services. When you get the feedback you will work on it thus improving yourself and even your business.


Earn Money:

In today’s world, nothing fascinates without money. I always hear many bloggers say that money is a secondary thought, it may be true but I don’t see many who blog only for passion without getting money from it. You can see many rb_blog fully loaded with ads and all kinds of stuff to earn money, I don’t say it’s wrong but it is true that money always interests you more. More you earn from your blog surely it will affect and you will start blogging more.

After reading this article if you thinking to start your blog, then I hope that you are clear in your mind and read my previous article about the common blogging mistake, so you get an idea about the common blogging mistakes that bloggers do in their blog.  Hope these reasons were good enough. Do give me your feedback on it and if you still have any questions about the blogging, then write in the comment section, I will try to clear your question.

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