Types of Monitoring: Monitoring Evolution

Let’s discuss the multiple types of monitoring through this write-up. It’s a short research on what type of monitoring are required for our social and business lives and they can affect our society

There is the number of forms of monitoring and basically, you can say monitoring is kind of system that gathers the routine data at the time of the execution of a project. It serves as establishing no matter intervention is running in the direction of objectives or project goals. The data is basically gathered during the life cycle of the particular project. The tool that involves and embedded on the project activities to make sure that process is seamless.

 So, there multiple forms of monitoring as well as in monitoring evaluation and it include forms such as technical monitoring, assumption monitoring, impact, and financial monitoring. Let’s discuss all the types of monitoring forms in the following. Take a look! But before we discuss it all you need to know about a bit of process monitoring.

In this type of monitoring the routine data of the project usually gathered and evaluated to form the project related tasks activities are with accordance of intended projects results. It actually proves the productivity of the project towards the intended results.

 You can say it is a kind of monitoring calculates the input and output activities and it the process monitoring answer the question that is been performed so far, and where and how it’s been done. Usually, data collected at the time of project implementation that uses this type of monitoring.

What is technical Monitoring?

It is kind of monitoring that is intended for the assessment of the strategy that is useful in project implementation to create no matter it is getting the required results. It actually serves the technical side of the project in order to conduct the activities. You can get it to mind with the example of a water treatment strategy. Technical monitoring creates and it could be results of installing chlorine dispensers at the water source and on the other hand, women are more likely not able to get chlorine from dispensers. It may include that strategy needs to be changed where the particular project may choose the household distribution of bottled chlorine.

What is Assumption Monitoring?

 When you are planning to execute any project then assumptions have to be outlined in the project. Assumptions are basic factors that actually bring clarity that whether the project will be successful or not. So, the assumption monitoring deals with the calculate the factors that are external to the project such as using assumption monitoring you will be able to guess whether you can get the desired results or not. Simply, assumption monitoring is the hypothesis made by the project implementation whether you will get the results you are looking for or it will have several issues.  You can further understand about the example, you have done multiple things to boost the economy of the company, but at the end of the day you are calculating things that are going against your assessments and you have come to the point of getting failure at the end.

Financial Monitoring

You can understand it with the suggested name as financial monitoring that is referred to as monitoring project expenses and then compares it with budgets created at the time of planning. You can use it for monitoring of the funds being used for the project to make sure there could be no wastage at all. So, you can use it to hold your employees accountable that deal with the monetary stuff and further to use it for employee monitoring working on financial posts. Moreover, you can use it to get to know about the calculation of the financial efficiency.

Impact Monitoring

This type of monitoring usually involves determining the impacts of project activities in order to target population. So, if the impact is good and effective then ultimately it will affect the projects for a long time in a positive way. So, if you want to have a project long lasted for you then you need to have measuring the impact change to make sure the basic conditions of the intended beneficiaries are enhancing. So, you need to monitor the pre –determend pare of impact indicators. Moreover, you need to have monitoring on both side either negative or positive impacts results that ultimately happen to be imperative.

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