Gotu Kola Benefits You Should Definitely Try

Gotu Kola Benefits You Should Definitely Try

Gotu kola or Centella Asiatica has a long and successful history of use among traditional medicines. This herb grows throughout Asia, Africa, Indonesia, the South Pacific Islands, and tropical regions of Australia and New Zeland. Its leaves are primarily used for medicinal purposes, which can be consumed raw. Gotu kola is often concentrated and extracted and put into topical creams or oral herbal supplements. 


Various clinical researches have proved how Gotu kola benefits your health in different ways. The study also showed how it is fit to use for traditional uses. Let's see how it can help you.


Skin burns and wound healing


In 2017, a study published in the Journal of Medical Research stated that patients with skin burn injuries who applied topical cream, which consisted of Gotu kola extract, healed faster as compared to the patients who used another topical cream. 


The compounds present in Gotu kola helps in increasing the antioxidant levels in your body and improves blood circulation across the affected area. 


Elimination of stretch marks


Some studies have shown that Gotu kola may reduce the stretch marks and the appearance of the cellulite. The terpenoids present in this herb's extract increases the collagen production in your body, which helps in doing so and is also believed to prevent it from forming in the future. 


Reduces stress and anxiety


Some studies have shown that people with an anxiety disorder who took Gotu kola medication in place of their antidepressants showed a reduction in their stress and anxiety levels. 


Boosts mental functioning


The antioxidant properties of Gotu kola and its positive impact on your body’s circulatory system help in strengthening the cognitive abilities. This herb stimulates the neural pathways by eliminating plaque and free radicals from the brain. 




Gotu kola can act as a mild diuretic which might help in eliminating excess toxins from the body. This helps in imparting less pressure in your kidney and liver for the elimination process. 


Managing diabetes symptoms


One of the common complications of diabetes is the deterioration of capillaries, which halts the supply of essential nutrients and oxygen to your body tissues. This is a serious condition that can hamper the functioning of the vital organs in your body. Gotu kola can help in recovering from these symptoms. 


Relieves joint pain


Gotu kola has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help in providing relief from different joint pains. It can also help in relieving joint pains caused due to arthritis and improve the functioning of your joints. 


Good for your heart health


Some studies have shown that Gotu kola helps in the oxidation of lipids in your heart. This prevents the early depletion of antioxidant enzymes. This also helps in the death of certain cells in your heart. This herb also prevents blood clot formation, which prevents strokes. Apart from all this, it also helps in preventing varicose veins.


Gotu kola(1) is nervine, mitigating and wealthy in cancer prevention agents. It diminishes irritation in the body. It additionally recuperates wounds and lifts flow in the body, making it magnificent for battling varicose veins. The herb expands collagen generation, which helps in fighting off cellulite. Gotu kola is useful for overseeing lack of sleep, uneasiness and sadness, subjective issues, skin issues, and battling free extreme harm 

What Are the Benefits of Gotu Kola 

Gotu kola offers a large group of medical advantages. Here are the most significant ones. 

Lift Cognitive Functions 

One of the most critical advantages of Gotu kola(2) extricate is its ability to support mental aptitude after a stroke. The exploration found those taking 1000 mg of the Gotu kola herb more than about fourteen days profited more than those taking 750mg of the herb, or 3 mg of folic corrosive when it came to memory abilities. It likewise averts dementia. The concentrate likewise moderate affects shielding synapses from danger or plaque arrangement related to Alzheimer's. Around 30 to 60 drops of the fluid concentrate of Gotu kola benefits your wellbeing in the event that it is taken a day thrice.


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