How to Export Mail from Zimbra to Outlook?

If you are looking for the exact solution for the query that is how to export mail from Zimbra to Outlook without any technical help then this article can help you to perform this procedure.


This article contains the perfect and easy solution to know how to export mail from Zimbra to Outlook PST. For this process you have to follow two procedures, first, you have to perform the extraction files process from Zimbra into TGZ files and then conversion process from Zimbra TGZ to Outlook PST file format.

Zimbra is a desktop-based email application and this application provides many options to their users including email management. But because of its slow processing, many of us want to save its data into other email application such as MS Outlook which is also another email application which is desktop-based. The MS Outlook email application allows users to utilize other Microsoft applications which is the major reason for the transfer process from Zimbra to Outlook and for this many users want to know how to export mail from Zimbra to Outlook.

Saving Procedure of Zimbra TGZ Files to Know How to Export Mail from Zimbra to Outlook

To start the saving process of TGZ files from the Zimbra email application you need to have a licensed edition of Zimbra application.

  • Open your Zimbra application and to save Zimbra account data on desktop in TGZ file format you have to click on the Preferences option which is located at the top menu bar of the software.
  • Now, from the preferences section go for the Import/ Export option. This will show you the Export section from where you are required to select those items which you want to transfer on your computer system.
  • After that, click on the Export option and then select that path of the computer system where all converted files will be saved.

Now, you can find all items which are imported from Zimbra application on your selected path of the computer’s hard drive. Now to export mail from Zimbra to Outlook PST you have to download the advanced software that is Zimbra to Outlook Converter. This tool lets you understand how to export mail from Zimbra TGZ to Outlook PST format.

Procedure to Export Mail from Zimbra to Outlook PST

Step 1. Open the Zimbra to Outlook Converter tool on your computer system.

Step 2. Then click on the Select Files option which is located at the primary menu of the software. In this section, it will provide you options to Select Files or Select Folders which contains numerous TGZ files.

Step 3. The same section of the software provides the Search option through which you can search all TGZ files of computer hard disk.

Step 4. Now, the software will start the loading process to load TGZ files and allows you to Preview all of them, so that only required TGZ files can be transferred for the further conversion process.

Step 5. The next window will show you some advanced sections like Split PST and Date filters. Utilize these if needed.

Step 6. After all these steps hit on the Export button to export mail from Zimbra to Outlook PST file format.

These steps can be followed on any Windows OS as it can work with Windows OS 10, 8, 7, XP, and other Windows OS. It easy to follow these steps as it has all options which are required for this process with a simple user interface. Now, you can export all PST files from your computer system into your MS Outlook application (edition: 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and so on).


After all this informative discussion now you will be able to understand how to export mail from Zimbra to Outlook along with all attached files and other text and non-text details. You can also utilize its free edition to understand the Zimbra Conversion procedure, but the complete conversion process can be possible through the help of its licensed edition.

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