Outpatient Treatment

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment: Which Option To Pick For Defeating The Battle Of Addiction?

Learn which treatment option is better for you to fight the battle of addiction.

Coming to the terms of getting help for your addiction problem is the first step toward the path of recovery. The moment you realize this necessary step to be taken, you are on your road to make life altering decisions for yourself.

The consecutive step is to choose between the two treatment process that is usually offered by rehab facilities. The inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment Orange County and in several other places.

If you are someone who is dealing with disorder or know anyone who is going through this suffering then this blog will help you make the right decision.

Read more to know and decide which treatment program is more effective and beneficial for full recovery.

What is Inpatient treatment program?

By Inpatient rehab program the patient needs to check-in to the rehab facility or center for a specific period of treatment. Generally, such a program lasts for a duration of 28 to 90 days. This depends upon the particular requirement and preference of the patients enrolling into the program. The attendance of participant in to the rehab center is absolutely necessary for the continuation of treatment.

PROS of Inpatient rehab program

Enrolling yourself into this program will offer you the following -

  1. You become a member of a community - the other program seekers who go through the same struggle.
  2. You get a break from the regular life activities and other social stress while you are recovering with the help of this treatment.
  3. You will be always under the intense supervision of professional care and will never have to deal the battle of addiction alone.
  4. In inpatient program, the maximum amount of time is targeted toward the recovery of patients with the measures of distinct options such as counselling sessions, treatment exercise, etc.

CONS of Inpatient rehab program

  1. The program is not flexible as per your desire. You cannot just come and go out of the rehab facility on your own terms.
  2. Insurers typically cover the outpatient rehab programs rather than the inpatient one.
  3. You will have to abandon your job, family or other social ties in order to get into this program.
  4. Proper arrangements have to be made for child care while you are away for the treatment.
  5. You will have to abide by the rules and regulations set by the particular rehab facility. For most of the patients this poses as a ‘con’ since it gets extremely difficult for them to follow these norms.

What is Outpatient rehab program?

This rehab program is completely opposite from an inpatient rehab program. The patient does not require to enroll into a rehab facility’s premises. The Outpatient rehab program allows you to participate in all treatment options without getting admitted to a rehab center. The treatment procedures are very much similar to an inpatient program.

PROS of Outpatient rehab program

  1. You don’t have to disrupt your daily activities in order to get the treatment for your addiction problem.
  2. It is inexpensive in nature and does not have implement high cost for the treatment program.
  3. You can manage your scheduled sessions as per your flexibility and desire.
  4. You get to be around your family and friends while you are receiving treatment from this program. In fact, several outpatient treatment sessions involve family sessions to help improve your condition.
  5. You can implement the changes that you have learned in your session almost immediately.

CONS of Outpatient rehab program

  1. You will be vulnerable to the same pattern of triggers and influences which pushed you into the battle of addiction in the first place.
  2. You have easy access to drugs or alcohol.
  3. Access to professional help is more distant in case of this treatment program.
  4. Your social life issues may distract you from recovery.

Both the treatment programs whether it is the inpatient or the intensive outpatient program Orange County and other places, have pros and cons. The apt facility for the treatment of addiction depends on ones urges, suitability and many other factors. Get consultation from a professional for making the right choice for yourself.

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