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WordPress web hosting

The hosts have not invented a new type of accommodation. These are simply shared hosting or VPS server offers that the host presents in a different form

The host will pre-install WordPress, or even make some WordPress-specific optimizations in the configuration of its server. Some will even go as far as offering WordPress expert support, but very often it is the same team. In the same way as with WordPress, some hosts offer so-called specialized hosting for other popular applications like Prestashop, Drupal, etc.

Like so-called "cloud" hosting, I advise you not to pay too much attention to this type of marketing. Focus on understanding what type of accommodation is the basis of the host's offer.

What type of accommodation to choose?

That's a lot of information to digest, isn't it? Rest assured I will invite indigestion by simply telling you how to proceed.

You will have understood that the choice of the type of accommodation is not universal. There is no one type better than the others in 100% of the cases. Everything will depend on each particular case.

1. Is your site important?

Naturally, you will always be tempted to answer yes to this question. So ask it differently: what happens if my site is unavailable for 1 hour? For 24 hours? Is it the end of the world or can you accommodate it? Try to measure the impact. If it is only a simple showcase site, it will probably not be the same as if it is an e-commerce site.

If you consider that your site is of a strategic nature and that the slightest malfunction could severely impact your activity (loss of clientele, loss of opportunity, deterioration of the brand image, technical unemployment, etc.), you should automatically forget about shared hosting and even the VPS server, too risky. Turn immediately to one or even several dedicated servers, and if you do not have the skills, call on a service provider or the host himself if he offers to administer your server (data center in chittagong Bangladesh ).

2. Will your site be very visited?

I wish you, sincerely! But also be realistic. In the same way that you establish a business plan, try to estimate the number of users who would be likely to visit your site for a month.

If the answer is less than 1000, which is very likely if you start a new activity, shared hosting should be more than sufficient, regardless of the application used. In addition, there will always be time to migrate to a virtual or dedicated server in Bangladesh if by chance your site was met with dazzling success.

3. Who will look after the accommodation?

Do you want the best for your website? Very well, but you still have to have the means to achieve your ambitions. As seen above, a dedicated server or VPS requires skills and time to be administered. Do you feel up to it? Otherwise, you will need to subscribe to an outsourcing package which may increase the bill.

So be careful not to fish out of pride. There is nothing worse than ordering a dedicated server (or VPS) and never caring about it. This is the best way for a disaster to occur (hacking, irreversible data loss, etc.) and believe me the question is not whether but when it will happen.

If you do not know anything about it and you do not intend to pay someone to take care of it for you, it is better to turn to high-end shared hosting which has the merit of being administered by the host.


I hope to have enlightened you on the different types of accommodation possible. You have a priori all the information to make your choice. Now it's up to you to sort through all the offers from web hosts and choose the one that will convince you the most

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