How to choose the right retail POS Solution for you?


How to choose the right retail POS Solution for you?

POS stands for Point Of Sale and a Point Of Sale system is a software enables transactions between clients and a company. Yamarie Grullon, Manager of Content Strategy at ShopKeep simplify it like this:

“A point of sale system is a combination of software and hardware that allows merchants to take transactions and simplify key day-to-day business operations.”

How to choose the right retail POS Solution for you?

Choosing a retail POS solution is not that easy. We have already mentioned that a Point Of Sale is such a system that can optimize the sales process. There are some key features that make a POS more than a cash register and provide you a complete solution for your business.

Features You Should Look for in a Point of Sale (POS) System

Multi Outlets:

Do you have multiple stores and do you want every branch to have an overview of the stock in the other stores? Then, of course, you need a system that supports this. It would also be pleasant if you could draw reports in a back office. Which products sell well in which branch and which branch is doing well? These are all options that help you analyze your business and improve your sales.

Collect and export customer data:

The demands of customers are increasing and competition is also on the rise. You also want to maximize your market and satisfy your existing clients too. You naturally want your system to allow you to store and keep contacts. That is standard functionality within many systems, but the main question is what data is stored and what you can do with it. Moreover, you want to be able to export all your customer data for use outside of your cash register.

Back office with reporting:

Pay particular attention to the features and possibilities of the back office. From there you get reports that will assist you in making important decisions. If you draw reports that are totally irrelevant, your decisions will be too. Moreover, reporting is also important for evaluating your employees, because everyone logs in with their own account in the cash register, you can perfectly keep track of who makes which sales and much more. That is if you have that function.

Integrate your POS system for your convenience:

Do you want to further automate and make your work lighter? Integrations are then an important factor. Be sure to check whether your new POS system can integrate with the systems that you already use, such as your accounting program or supplier link. Bear in mind that integrations will initially cost you a little bit, but they will pay for themselves. For example integration with mail software MailChimp. That is a one-off cost but you save work every week to synchronize your contacts. An accounting link automatically transfers invoices to your accounting software, which saves you a great deal of work in organizing invoices and saves you money directly on your accountant's invoice. fantastic right?


We hold the best for last. E-commerce is hot at the moment. Just like omnichannel. And let that be just 2 things that you do if you can link your POS system to an online store. Customers can order when you are closed, your stock is synchronized and purchases are all logged in the same system, handy right? Preferably look for a company that can offer start your online store facility in addition to POS systems.


There are countless reasons you should go for a cloud base POS. It offers centralized storage you can easily set up multiple sites and registers, it provides remote access you can take orders from anywhere and speed up your payments. So be sure when choosing a retail POS it is cloud-based.

Request a demo

They can often offer you a demo that shows more than what you can read yourself. Please note: those who can give an online demo with their software often have a standard package. Feel free to let someone come to you for a demo, so you can immediately see the software at work, you can ask questions or possibly experience the operation yourself.

There are many features you need to look into a retail POS solution, Be sure to take a close look at these points with every provider that you are considering. A little research can save your time and money.

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