Fssai License and Registration

How to get FSSAI License Number?

Fssai registration is required for them who wants to starting food business or manufacturing, import & export of any type of food.

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority is a governing body that monitors and governs the food-related activities in India. Authority ensures that food products and manufacturing processes undergo quality checks to prevent food adulterations and the sale of sub-standard products. 

FSSAI is the licensing authority responsible for registering the food business in India and grants the certificate for FSSAI License and Registration to food operators. Any business indulged in activities of sale, purchase, manufacture, distribution, storage, import-export of food products must get FSSAI License Number mandatorily from authority.

FSSAI Registration differs from the FSSAI License that varies as per the size and nature of business. It is a 14 digit number that shall be printed on all food products along with the FSSAI logo. FSSAI Registration depicts the responsibility of food business operators that they are concerned about the health and safety of consumers.

Steps involved in applying for FSSAI License Number

Food operators can apply for FSSAI registration online through following these simple steps:

  • Start with placing the online application on the official website of FSSAI https://www.fssai.gov.in/
  • The applicant shall log in to the portal using credential under new registration and proceed further
  • Submit the application in Form A to the food and safety department by attaching the necessary documents with the application form
  • The department upon the receipt of the application shall approve or reject the same as per its discretion
  • Within 7 days of receipt of the application, the authority shall intimate its decision to the applicant
  • If the application is approved, the authority shall issue the FSSAI License number along with notice to inspect the premise
  • Within one-week inspector shall visit the premise and inspect machinery and other information provided in the application for its accuracy
  • If everything found correct and proper, the authority shall grant the license number to the food operator.

Documents Required:

Following is the list of documents needs to be annexed with the application:

  • Passport size photograph
  • If the applicant is company: MOA/AOA/COI
  • Evidence of possession of premises such as NOC from Landlord, rent agreement, electricity bill.
  • Complete list of all the products
  • List of machinery & types of equipment to be installed
  • LLP agreement or partnership deed in case applicant is LLP and Partnership firm respectively
  • Additional documents for Central License:
  1. Authorization from manufacturer
  2. Source of raw material such as milk, meat, vegetables, etc
  3. Import-Export code issued by DGFT
  4. Power of attorney issued by Food Licensing Authority
  5. NOC from local authority or municipality
  6. Food safety management plan

Guidelines for FSSAI License Number

Following are the key points for better understanding of FSSAI License Number:


  • Food products of food operators must consist of 14 digits FSSAI License number along with FSSAI logo
  • Shade & color of the logo shall be of such kind so that it doesn't get hidden with packaged background
  • Logo and License can be used by food operators until it is expired.
  • FSSAI License Number remains valid for 5 years from the date it is issued provided it is renewable.
  • 14 digits FSSAI License Number comprised of following sections such as:
  1. First digit: Status of business
  2. 2nd and 3rd digit: It represents state code
  3. 4th and 5th digit: It represents the year of manufacturing of food
  4. 6th, 7th, and 8th digit: It represents enrolling master’s quantity
  5. 9th to 14th digits: It is the maker’s License Number

Final Thought

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