Why You Should Stop Wasting Your Money On Buying Solar Appointments.

How Solar Company Can Generate More qualified Leads/Appointments Using Inbound Marketing

I really hesitate a lot before writing this post because the funny thing is, I used to generate solar appointments for solar companies & from that experience what I found out that solar appointments does not work, if you buy them rather than generating them yourself.


Now, most solar companies/installers what they do, they buy these “solar appointments” from offshore call centers, No brainer. It is a cheap option and if you can provide data, predictive dialler to these call centers the price will go down drastically. 


I’m not against outsourcing as I’m also offshore and outsourcing your marketing can really cut down your expenses, but quality has always been a serious issues with leads/appointments which are generated via telemarketing. 

Below are some reasons why telemarketing does not work for solar leads/appointments.

  • Quality
  • Not Exclusive
  • High Cancellation rate/ or No SHOW
  • Bad Credit Score
  • Bogus leads (Customer does not even know what’s going on)
  • DNC, TCPA (I have seen companies getting sued for dnc violations

Someone in solar sales got sued for $21b fine for making robocalls, you can read more about it by clicking here



“One solar sales rep told me that 70% of the leads that his company buys from telemarketers turn out to be, as he put it, “garbage.

cold call angry business owner


These are only some of the basic reasons, I’m sure if you are buying solar leads/appointments you must be having some additional inputs which you can add here.


I advise you to stay away from telemarketers, who are most likely to produce bad leads for unwilling prospects, and instead hire a digital marketing agency who generate leads online through inbound marketing, such as an online solar marketing company aly ads group


Most established solar companies can and should be generating at least some of their own leads online

inbound marketing methodology


Inbound marketing is a simple but effective method with a proven track record across industries, as research from marketing software company HubSpot has shown:

  • 54% more leads are generated by inbound tactics than traditional paid marketing
  • Twice many marketers say inbound delivers below average cost per lead than outbound methods
  • Companies save an average of $20K per year by investing more in inbound marketing vs. outbound

Not only is inbound marketing more cost effective, but unlike buying ads or attending trade shows, inbound marketing online is 100% measurable

Instead of wasting your money on outbound marketing like, cold calls, d2d, cold direct mail, why not try inbound marketing tactics such as, SEO, Web development , Writing rb_blog & running Paid ads on Google, Facebook.

Most big & successful solar companies does not rely on leads vendors or cold calls, they are already using inbound marketing & generate leads themselves. 

Our web design sacramento california agency can really help you with these inbound marketing strategies.

Google Call only Ads Campaign Can help your Generate Quality Phone Calls

Google ads (Call-only ad campaign) Phone calls are the best lead source & they are always in high demand, Imagine if homeowner’s are calling your office themselves for solar panel how easier will that be for you to close that deal. With google call only ad campaign it is very much possible, in-fact we are already generating phone calls for some of our solar clients, Let me tell you how it works.

Google Call only ads, How it works?

google call only ads

Click= Phone Call

With call- only ad campaign whenever customers click on your ad, This enables an immediate call to action for the user on their smartphone, and this present a huge potential to be that call as potential sale for your business

Visitors never visit your website where they may not decide to call your business so this allow customers to connect with your business by surpassing long sales funnel.

Running ads on social media platform such as Facebook & Instagram – Facebook has 244 million active users in USA, You can hire someone who knows how to run Facebook ads & generate leads for your everyday, With this approach you are not irritating homeowner’s they see your ads & if they are interested they will fill-out the form & give you their details so you can contact them & book appointment.

With all these new options specially google call-only ad campaign your can start generating your own solar leads & phone calls. You don’t have to run after leads generation company for lead credit on bad leads & most importantly these are your own leads super exclusive/no sharing.

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