Benefits of Text Marketing

Benefits of Text Marketing

Texting boasts greater returns on investments and a spotlight than any other digital marketing methods. The advantages of successful SMS and text marketing are undeniable:

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Texting boasts greater returns on investments and a spotlight than any other digital marketing methods. The advantages of successful SMS and text marketing are undeniable:

  • The open rate for an SMS is almost ninety-eight percent. Push notifications are very less in comparison, topping at three percent, likely thanks to the saturation of this tech-enabled App.
  • Meanwhile, Facebook posts get delivered to their targeted audience just two percent of the time.
  • Response rates for push notifications, which require an App install, range from 7 to 48 minutes as against only three seconds with an SMS message.



Now, that we are through with Benefits, let me offer you some useful tips:


Group together a capable Text Marketing Team

Big Text Marketing campaigns aren’t Do-It-Yourself. You’ll need a spread of skilled professionals so as to get the foremost out of your strategy involved in marketing. Some or a number of people may take on several of those roles, but you’ll need: a Text Marketing program professional, a wholesale expert, coordinators whose task is to see to the physical aspect of marketing, digital creative makers, social media professionals, a promotions expert, an Return On Investments and discount budget analyst, and more.


These fields got to be synchronized, and since SMS marketing is getting more and more fast, the team of experts should work as a team and communicate regularly about strategies, schemes and executing the plan. The more harmonized your marketing team, the better the benefits you’ll procure from efficient marketing stratagems.


Get Permission before you send messages

There is an etiquette in digital marketing which dictates that you should only send SMS messages to clients who have given you permission to try and do so. It’s also known as opt-in marketing and it’s crucial in making your marketing campaigns successful. (It’s also vital that you adhere to the marketing laws stated by the CTIA, which protects customers from unwanted solicitation.) To persuade your clients in receiving text messages containing special discounts, updates, beneficial offers, new product info or other valuable data; you would want your customers to opt-in via a web form, entries through contests, or asking them to text a specific keyword to the mobile number given or even shortcodes.

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Be Clever, Brief, and Compliant

Once your clients have expressed an interest in getting texts from you, don’t overdo that privilege. Once you send an SMS message, be clever, appealing, and to the point. Give them an “offer” they can’t refuse or information that matters most. If your company doesn’t find the proper balance, you run the danger of opt-outs and with opt-outs, your list would slowly become empty. If done right, your client may offer you equivalent attention the same as the level you give to your friend. However, you should make the opt-out process hassle-free. If your customers can’t opt-out, they’re likely to begin complaining to their wireless carrier, resulting in the potential filtering of your messages down the road.


Expand internationally, but deliver locally

Choose an SMS provider ready to scale and grow together with your mobile marketing efforts, and one which will send the very best volumes of text and MMS messages in the least amount of your time. You furthermore may need a provider with an extensive carrier network to permit for global also as localized phone number list. And since nobody wants to receive a marketing text at 1 am, your provider should be ready to automatically deliver your messages to your audience at the proper time within the right zone.


Many enterprise companies prefer to assimilate automatic communication facilities within their own systems to give the client a flawless experience. Making the best use of cloud software APIs gives them the flexibility to better manage buyer info, make the marketing process automatic, and remain compliant to the laws as well.


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