Some Smartphone Tips and Tricks to Enhance your Experience

Every single person you sight next to you will be carrying a smartphone. From the least expensive to the most expensive, the market of all the smartphones is drained with money.

Every single person you sight next to you will be carrying a smartphone. From the least expensive to the most expensive, the market of all the smartphones is drained with money. So smartphones are so important part of our lives, it is worth learning some excellent tips about smartphones. Ifixed

It is among the best companies in the areas of London. The company does not only focus on earning money. They are more concerned about the quality of services. Thus, it also provides help for mobile phone repairs at home.

Tips and tricks:

The care for the smartphones starts from getting a cover and screen protector from saving the smartphone from any brakes and cracks. The number of internet users and the one provided needs to be taken care of. The hack here is to set the data limit on the phone to know what all you have used to save yourself from completely losing on the data. You can also monitor the apps that might be eating a lot of data and set the data limit for such apps.

Try to use the unwanted apps in wi-fi only. Also, restrict such apps from using the data.

The battery issue if for every user be it Android or iOS device. This needs a particular solution. The stop to retain the battery is to start from switching off the extra services while your phone is not in use. WIFI and other navigation-related services should not be using a battery.

The next step is to stop the remaining extra apps (other than the regular use apps) from using the background. Having talked so much about the battery concern, Ifixed team can also help you figure out the best options, in case you want to help. Thus, taking care of the battery is also a great hack.

Using different switches (rather say a different user in one device) to avoid people from pepping into your work can be helpful when you have a bunch of people around you.

Such a switch option can also be helpful when you want to show something on your phone. This will restrict people from seeing anything you don’t want them to.

Getting a smart lock for apps can also be a great deal. This hack does not let others use any extra application that you do not want them to use. There are several efficient and free apps in the market that support app lock.

Using the split-screen is a hack when you are multitasking.

Choosing professional third party assistance is an alternative that you can choose to repair your broken iPhone screen. But, wait, not every repairing stores are professional, and their parts are not of quality level. This is why, you need to choose Ifixed mobile repairing center which has years of professional experience, and trained technicians. Here in Ifixed you will get every solution for your broken smartphone.

But, choosing a mobile repairing center is not easy. It’s a big reduction in price, but you have to pay attention to a few things. See if the parts he uses are of quality. There are many Chinese parts that are very bad, and that undermine the iPhone experience after switching. Ifixed only uses genuine aftermarket parts so that you don’t have to compromise with the quality. See provenance. Search for customers who are satisfied with the service.


Smartphones never tend to leave our hands. Thus, using smartphones with the above tricks is delightful. Ifixed can make the smartphone experience even better. This is because they are flooded with the strategical tips to get you the services of the Best Mobile Phone Service in Welwyn Garden City. The only reason to get these tricks is that, even if they are of small help, they add to the working and the experience of your smartphone.

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