What Are Some Must-Have Repair Tools for Home Maintenance?

There are certain hand tools such as a double end spanner which plays a key part in house maintenance

Home maintenance can be a tedious task if you don’t have the right equipment. There are certain hand tools such as a double end spanner which plays a key part in house maintenance.

Attention Homeowners!

Here are some handy repair tools for your toolkit:

1)     Hammer 

A hammer is one of the most popular types of hand tools. From driving nails into the wall to shaping an object, a hammer has a plethora of uses. There are different types of hammers available in the market. The claw hammer is perhaps the most common of the lot. They are light and very versatile. The cross and a straight-peen hammer are also used for a variety of work.

2)     Combination Pliers 

It is a multi-purpose plier which comes with typical wire cutters. Combination pliers are mainly used for twisting, compressing, bending, and gripping other materials. This tool is very similar to scissors. It has 2 first-class levers which are joined. Combination pliers are referred to as linemen’s pliers most of the times. Linemen’s pliers are often used for heavy-duty work. Pliers are mostly used by electricians to deal with electrical wires. This is why there are many pliers which come with an insulated handle.

3)     Spanner 

This is another very popular tool which is used for a variety of reasons. Also known as a wrench in most parts of the world, this tool is primarily used for loosening or tightening any type of fasteners such as nuts or bolts. A spanner is turned in an anti-clockwise direction to loosen the fastener and in a clockwise direction to tighten the fastener. From combination spanner to double-end spanner, there are a variety of spanners available in the market. This tool has a great mechanical advantage and it applies torque to turn the object.

4)     Screwdriver 

There is no denying the fact that a screwdriver is a man’s favourite tool. They are used for some of the simplest functions. Also, a complex task is often incomplete without screwdrivers. There are so many types of screwdrivers in the market. While Slotted and Hex remain the most popular type of screwdrivers, you need different types of screwdrivers to perform different functions. This is why a screwdriver set is a must.

5)     Knife 

For cutting bread to dealing with a package, a knife is another handy hand tool which every homeowner must have in their kitty. There are different types of knife available in the market each with different usage. The common knife will serve you well.

6)     Vise-grip 

Vise grips are not just used for dealing with frozen nuts and removing old and broken screws. It has a myriad of applications. Vise grips can also be used to clamp small things or deal with leaking pipes.

A Few Words to End With

Finding the right tool is no longer a daunting task. From ball peen hammers to double end spanners, you can easily find all the tools you need with a single click. All you need to do is to visit popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart. These e-commerce platforms are bombarded with top-quality tools manufactured by some of the biggest names, using supreme quality raw materials.  

A vast majority of the tools come with a guarantee against manufacturing defect which is a piece of very good news. Quality is one of the most important things to check and you can easily trust big brands when it comes to quality which is online or offline. The tools made of top-notch materials like chromium or vanadium steel can easily last a lifetime even with minimum maintenance.

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