Eyelash Extensions London-things You Must Know

Make your eyes look beautiful by getting quality eyelash extensions London services from M Milana.

As it is known by everyone what is the importance of eyelashes is. They keep the eyes safe from dust and other dangerous particles that can damage our eyes. People who have fewer eyelashes our extensions. But not everyone uses extensions for this purpose. There are many, especially women who use eyelash extensions for fashion purposes. As big eyelashes enhance the beauty. Mostly the extensions are placed by the professionals. So, it is better to find professionals for eyelash extensions London services.

But still, before taking these services, it is necessary that you know some points on your own too, as you don't want to harm your eyes.


There are many in the market who will claim that they give the best and save services of extensions. But not everyone is telling the truth. You have to be smart while choosing. Check the quality of lashes and the expertise of a person who is going to apply lashes on your eyes.

Make sure your original lashes stay safe

It all depends on the person who is applying lashes on your eyes. If the process is followed by the person accurately, there is no way that your natural lashes will receive any type of damage. Sometimes the product didn't suit your skin or original lashes. So, make sure that the professional will check the sensitivity of your skin and apply the product according to that.

Arrive early

On the day you are getting extensions, it is better that you reach at the place a bit early. So even if you are nervous for s moment you will get time to clam your nervousness. You will start to feel comfortable and you can even get time to ask questions related to the process if you have some in mind.

The process is long

When you get the extensions for the first time, it takes time. As eyes are the sensitive part, professionals cannot take a risk trying to finish the process soon. So, in between the process, you have enough time to take a nap if you want too. 

Customized extensions

There is no way that you have to go with the one you don’t like. You can customize the lashes. You can tell the person which length you want and whether you want lashes a bit curl or straight. The artist will work according to that and give you the exact same result.


The best of the extensions is that they look natural. No one can tell whether they are natural or extensions. Also, it is better at first you choose to place them in the way your natural lashes are rather than trying to make your eyes look like any superstar.

Maintenance process

The extensions stay with you for almost 2 to 3 weeks. After that, it is best if you visit the shop again to refresh them. It is because they fall from your eyes in the same way natural lashes fall. Try to rub your eyes less than usual as it affects them. The other thing you have to do is brushing lashes 1 to 2 times a week. 

No worry while washing face

The good thing is that you don't have to worry that they will ruin if get in touch with water. You can wash your face the way you do on a regular basis. You just have to stay attentive for a few hours after getting them.

Use makeup without any issue

The best part of these extensions is that you don’t have to waste your time on curling lashes and adding mascara on them. But if you want to do your eye makeup, you can do it without hesitation.

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